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How to get relief from period pain? [Periods pain relief tips]

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Today in this blog we will know how to get relief from period pain. Dr. Swapnanjali Avhad from Nashik is answering all our questions. Dr. Swapnanjali is a Gynecologist and Fertility expert and director of Avhad Maternity Hospital, Nashik

DoctorDr. Swapnanjali Avhad
Hospital / ClinicAvhad Maternity Hospital, Nashik.
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GMoney Anchor - Welcome to GMoney Health Show, I am Neha Bajaj, in each episode we introduce you to a new super specialist and medical expert to give you the right opinion, guidance and today we have Dr. Swapnanjali Awhad who Is a Gynecologist, Fertility Expert. Practising for the last 12 years, she is the Director of Awadh Maternity Hospital, and along with that she has also done many workshops for women.

Dr. Swapnanjali Avhad Thank you.

periods pain solution

GMoney Anchor - Ok? So let's start the series of questions, before that tell all the viewers that today we are going to talk about a topic that all of us girls face and what is its treatment, whom to approach, how to consult, such questions arise in the mind. I am talking about period pain, so Dr. Swapnanjali, tell all our viewers what is called severe period pain, why does it happen? And why does it hurt some women more than others?

Dr. Swapnanjali Avhad Neha ji, period pain is also known as Cramps and Dysmenorrhea. Everyone is not the same. Some experience more pain and some females do not have it at all, so it is a very relative thing and the reason for this is the inner lining and blood clots.

The opening of the uterus, which we call the cervix, due to being a little less dilated, gets compressed a bit more, contractions start happening, due to which we feel pain.

Depends how much is your sensitivity to pain tolerance?

Some have less, some have more, depending on your intolerance.

GMoney Anchor - Ok so the doctor told us that it also depends on your age. How severe are Period Pains? Are you married or single? And in medical language we call it Dysmenorrhea. So let's go ahead and ask the doctor our next question. So doctor, what is there other than just pain? When is it considered that this is the right time to consult a Gynaecologist?

Dr. Swapnanjali Avhad It is called menstrual cramps, cramps are in the lower part of the abdomen, so if there is pain, that is quite normal. Along with this, Cramps also come in the feet. Backache, slight headache is also quite common. Bloating occurs i.e. the stomach feels a bit bloated. Food is not digested properly. Vomiting, loose motion has also been observed. When serious symptoms start happening then it is the right time to see your gynaecologist. As long as the intensity is less and limited to periods, you will feel better by taking some rest. But when it exceeds, then definitely you need to see a gynaecologist.

periods pain relief

GMoney Anchor - So if you are also experiencing all these symptoms then it is the right time to consult a doctor. Every woman has to face a lot of pain during period pain and some do workouts or adopt home remedies. Celery, salt, jaggery etc help in curing the pain. And according to you, how correct is it, how can it be reduced and its treatment, medication or any alternative therapy that you would like to share with everyone?

Dr. Swapnanjali AvhadWe see that patients have used home remedies a lot, then definitely you can use them or if they do not help then definitely you need to resort to medicine and this is a misconception that if you take medicines, it affects your fertility or you get addicted to it and then there is a problem in pregnancy. But I would differ on this, it is absolutely wrong, like if you have fever and there is an infection, then you need to take tablets. In the same way, if there is period pain, then it is very important to take tablets for it.

GMoney Anchor - Ok. If you are in pain then it is not that your whole 2 days have gone in vain. You can take pain killers and the doctor also told us in the previous answer that if you consult a doctor, you should take the medicine only after asking the doctor, do not do self-medication. Good doctor, a small question is coming in my mind that can exercise be done during periods? Because most people think that no workout, no gym, no yoga should be done during periods, is this right or wrong?

Dr. Swapnanjali AvhadThis is absolutely wrong. I would in fact recommend that if women exercise, engage in physical activities during periods and in fact a few days before periods, if they are active enough then they feel less period pain. In fact, whatever exercises are done, activities are done, it increases their serotonin level. And these hormones also act like a painkiller, so definitely it is very important for you to be active and then it is seen a few times that If you have to take tablets for 5 days, and you include activities along with it, then you will have to take tablets only for 2 days.

GMoney Anchor - The doctor has dispelled a very important myth. Doctor if someone has Dysmenorrhea and it is untreated. If the doctor is not shown for years, can it have some serious side-effects?

Dr. Swapnanjali AvhadIt can also have serious side-effects, such as if you believe that a woman has fibroids or endometriosis and if they ignore it for a few years. Then they have to face infertility, complications of pregnancy and all other things. So I would suggest that if you treat everything on time, if you take advice on time, then you will not have to bear many complications that may happen in future.

periods pain

GMoney Anchor - So doctor, I want to ask you how we can avoid periods which hamper our daily routine a lot? And some preventive tips for all those women who have Dysmenorrhea.

Dr. Swapnanjali AvhadI would say that you just have to change your lifestyle. You have to make some changes in day to day life during periods if you take a good protein diet.

If you do exercise then the pain reduces. So if we diet well then it also helps a lot and then finally if you don’t rest but going against it if you engage in some healthy thing for example if you engage in your hobby then definitely your pain will subside.

GMoney Anchor - Ok so the doctor advised us to eat dates. Come on, one more thing that has come to my mind, let's quickly ask the doctor, Doctor, does coffee or hot beverages increase bleeding or increase pain? Should they be avoided or can you take them during periods?

Dr. Swapnanjali AvhadCaffeine definitely increases pain so we ask to reduce it. If we eat chocolate too, then bloating increases even more, cramps increase even more than that.

But we do not eat dark chocolate in large quantities. We eat normal milk chocolate so that is still ok.

GMoney Anchor - We have a segment called Tip of the Day. Any tips you would like to give to all the girls watching our show?

Dr. Swapnanjali AvhadSo one very important tip I would like to give you: visit the doctor, you should find the treatment for the pain. Make Your Life More Valuable and Again Along with this, I would also advise that you complete your family as soon as possible, definitely career life would be more colourful.

GMoney Anchor - Ok so thank you so much doctor, you joined us on our show and gave such good information. It was Dr Swapnanjali who told us how to cope with period pain. Do not self-medicate at all. Keep watching the GMoney Health Show and subscribe to our channel.

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