Cashless Claim Assist

In Association With Remedinet


We understand the challenges faced by Hospitals / TPA / Claim desks.

Our mission is to revolutionize the way TPA desk operates, saving your hospital up to 50% of valuable time, resources, and effort that would otherwise be devoted to cashless claim-related tasks

Claim Assist offers a comprehensive solution, providing a single window for 50+ Insurance Companies and TPAs to manage Preauthorization, Tracking, Query Management, Final approval, and Disbursal status, streamlining all processes into one seamless, all-in-one platform.

With Claim Assist, you gain access to a detailed and insightful Management dashboard, empowering hospital management to monitor and analyze cashless claim related activities effortlessly. The result is enhanced operational performance.

Claim Assist platform ensures continuous support and reliability, eliminating dependency concerns even in the face of attrition, allowing for smooth and uninterrupted cashless claim operations. The service is also cost-effective, saving you expenses by reducing manual tasks through our user-friendly interface and automation.


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