Receivable Financing

Get Instant Funds in 24 Hrs of Approval


Receivables stuck up for months in credit schemes / mediclaims is one of the major challenges faced by the healthcare industry today.

For all our RCM and Claim Assist clients, we offer receivable financing at reasonably low-interest rates. We offer up to Rs. 5 crore for all approved claims within 24 hours of approval by the payer.

GMoney provides receivable financing solutions to healthcare providers, allowing them to realise the full value of their outstanding and approved claims with insurance and credit schemes. This improves cash flow and gives hospitals certainty in their finances.

Receivable financing can be easily enabled for hospitals that have been utilizing Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) or Cashless Claim Assist services from GMoney for a minimum of three months. Cash can be disbursed immediately, which can substantially improve the cash flow of hospitals


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