About GMoney

Goa Meet - April 2022

We Are A Healthcare Finance Platform.

We Make Quality Healthcare Affordable.

By leveraging technology and innovative structuring, we offer medical loans at 0% interest for specific treatments at over 10000 Healthcare centres. We aim to serve the middle class of India through our innovative solutions and be their preferred partner for healthcare payments.

We collaborate closely with our network hospitals, addressing industry-wide challenges. Despite the common belief that hospitals are highly profitable, our experience working closely with them has revealed the immense cost pressures and cash flow issues they face. Recognizing this, we are dedicated to finding solutions to alleviate these burdens for our partner hospitals. Our goal is to help them achieve financial stability and success while delivering quality healthcare services to their patients.

To deliver exceptional value, we collaborate with industry leaders and bring world-class solutions to our network hospitals, including Revenue Cycle Management, Receivable Financing, Claim Assistance, IVF Optimization, And Metabolic Health Tracking. By empowering hospitals with these tools, we enable them to improve their service quality and increase their revenue.

Since our launch in September 2021, GMoney has expanded to over 100+ cities, operating from six offices and employing a strong team of 200 professionals. We remain committed to our mission of making healthcare affordable and accessible to all segments of society

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