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How to take care of your oral health? [Dental care tips]

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Healthy teeth are the hallmark of a healthy body. It is also very important to take care of the health of our teeth. There are very few people who are able to take proper care of their teeth. Today in this blog we will know ‘How to make your teeth healthy’. In today’s episode, we have Dr. Sagar Abhichandani with us, he is a Prosthodontics and Smile expert.

DoctorDr. Sagar Abhichandan
Hospital / ClinicThe Dental Hub, Mumbai
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GMoney Anchor - Welcome to GMoney Health Show, I am Neha Bajaj and in every show we introduce you to super specialist and medical expert to give you the right advice and opinion and in today's episode Dr. Sagar Abhichandani is joining us. He has transformed the lives of many people and is internationally acclaimed. He goes to a lot of training sessions. So Dr. Sagar, welcome to our show.

Dr. Sagar Abhichandani Thank you so much Neha.

dental care tips

GMoney Anchor- It is said that everything should start from the basics, because if the foundation is strong then the big building will be good. So today we are talking about the basics of oral health care, so Dr. Sagar, tell us how to take care of teeth at home?

Dr. Sagar Abhichandani You said a very good thing. The Basics should be strong so let’s go to basics.

I want to eat good food, that good food should also taste good. Only good food is that which feels good in the mouth, nourishes me inside as well, I have to make my teeth healthy so that I can get better nutrition. If the food is bad, then the food we are eating, for which we are working so hard, will not benefit me. If the teeth are not well then digestion will not be done properly and I will not be able to enjoy good things also. And if the health of my mouth deteriorates, then it can also spoil my overall health.

So the most basic thing is that we have to understand that if the health of the teeth is fine then my overall health can also be sorted. We should always brush properly.

GMoney Anchor - What is the correct way to brush your teeth?

Dr. Sagar Abhichandani Many people do not know how to brush. Use a Toothbrush with soft bristles or ultra soft bristles. Don’t brush your teeth too hard. No need for much pressure. We have to take out the garbage. The food that is stuck has to be removed, not the tooth. Fluoride should be there in your toothpaste. The ingredients are written on the back of the toothpaste. If you will notice, people who drink borewell or tube well water have white lines and brown lines on their teeth. Replenishment of fluoride is very important.

People think that the toothpaste that I have, should be used for the whole year, then they will apply just a small drop of toothpaste, that too is wrong. The right amount of toothpaste is also necessary so that it does its job. Toothpaste should be taken equal to pea’s grain on a toothbrush and we should brush gently. Brushing twice a day is necessary. Brush in the morning. It is also important to brush before sleeping at night.

dental health tips

GMoney Anchor - Dr. Sagar told us which type of brush should be taken. What should be paid attention to while buying toothpaste? So Doctor Sagar, now tell me what is the role of a dentist? When should check up be done? Should the checkup be done even when there is no problem?

Dr. Sagar AbhichandaniWhat is the population of our India? 1.2 billion and out of these one billion people are doctors themselves. What do those people say if they have a problem with their teeth? They try to find easy home remedies to get quick relief and see a doctor when the dental issue increases and the pain becomes unbearable. If you go to the dentist every six months, get your dental cleaning done, your teeth will stay healthy.

GMoney Anchor - So you are saying that even if there is no problem then every six months the dentist should be seen, right?

Dr. Sagar AbhichandaniYes, see the dentist at least twice a year. Only then your teeth will be healthy.

GMoney Anchor - You explained very well, that means many things, even though I did not know that these things are so important and I will also follow them and all the viewers who are currently watching you, listening to you, that too. Today we are learning about basic oral care hygiene. Dr. Sagar, you told us many things, now tell us what are the myths related to oral care?

Dr. Sagar AbhichandaniPeople think that eating only sweets causes bad teeth, it is not so. Dental decay and cavities occur when anything comes in contact with the teeth. If your dental hygiene is not good then many problems can arise. Any food item that contains carbohydrates can give you dental decay. Tooth decay is caused by the accumulation of acid in the mouth. The habit of eating something or the other once in a while can become a problem. Gradually the color of the teeth fades away. The color of the teeth depends on the dentin. See the dentist every six months to keep your teeth clean. A doctor should be seen before the problem worsens.

dental health

GMoney Anchor - Ok so here Dr. Sagar broke many myths and told us what to do and what not to do. So doctor please tell us some dental tips that you would like to give to everyone.

Dr. Sagar AbhichandaniBrushing is not sufficient. It is necessary to clean the teeth. The food which is stuck between the teeth should be cleaned. Flossing must be done to remove stuck food.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you doctor for giving us such accurate information.

So it was Dr. Sagar who told us some basic things which are often neglected. I am sure you must have enjoyed a lot in today’s session. I will meet you in the next episode, keep watching the GMoney Health Show. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages. Remember it is important to take full care of your health.

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