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Simple ways to take care of teeth [Tips for Teeth Problem]

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There are many important things related to dental care and good oral health that people often do not know. What should be the right way of brushing, how many times a day should be brushed, what are electric toothbrushes. We will discuss all these topics in this blog. Dr. Sandeep Patil is giving answers to all our questions. Dr. Sandeep is a Dentist and practices at Shree Siddhi Dental Clinic.


Dr. Sandeep Patil

Hospital / ClinicShree Siddhi Dental Clinic, Nashik, Maharashtra
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GMoney Anchor - I am Meenakshi. I welcome all of you to the GMoney Health Show. For health related information please share and subscribe to our youtube page. Joining us today is Dr. Sandeep Patil who is a Dentist. He has an experience of 12 years and is currently practising at Shree Siddhi Vinayak Dental Clinic which is located in Nashik. Doctor, welcome to our show.

Dr. Sandeep Patil – Thank you.

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GMoney Anchor- Good Doctor, today we are going to talk about Basic Dental Care. I have read many articles on how we should brush our teeth. Some say that brushing should be done in circular motion. Now I am also confused that which is the right way of brushing? You tell us, what is the right way to brush?

Dr. Sandeep Patil – No, this is a confusion like you have. Everyone is concerned about how to brush their teeth, OK and if seen nowadays, everyone is busy running. They don’t have that much time to spare two minutes to clean their teeth properly. They don’t know the technique. My patients also ask me how to brush? Ok so I have to use a model like I will tell you now. The right way of brushing teeth is very different. This is a model right, this is a brush. If we brush it then in circular motion you are brushing from front to back side then it should be circular motion. When you come to the front side, the toothbrush should be like this, ok it should be towards your gums. You should brush it like this, ok. We clean the teeth only from the front. It doesn’t get cleaned from the inside. Will do vertical in the inside and should do horizontal in the back side.

Similarly if the upper teeth remain then it should be vertical and go to the back side then it should be done like this. This is the right way to brush.

GMoney Anchor - You have explained very well where we should use vertical motion, where we should use horizontal motion, and where we should use circular motion. I think this is important information for all our viewers. Well one more thing you tell me how long should I brush?

Dr. Sandeep Patil For this, many people keep brushing for 10 to 15 minutes. But if seen, 2 to 3 minutes is enough. No matter how much you brush, after 10 to 15 minutes a layer forms on the teeth. This is a natural process.

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GMoney Anchor - Ok and one more thing I had seen that many times people also say that if you are eating something sweet or something sticky then you should do mouthwash or you should brush your teeth. Otherwise there will be problems later. What do you say about it?

Dr. Sandeep PatilEveryone brushes at home anyway. But if you have to brush your teeth when you are out, then eat salad after eating. It contains natural fibre. Natural fibres are very beneficial for automatically cleaning your teeth.

Even if you are at home and you end up eating cucumber then I don’t think you need to brush that much. Ok so if you are at home then brush your teeth. If you are out somewhere, eat salad. So you can include salad in that.

GMoney Anchor - And what would you say, should we brush twice or should we brush thrice?

Dr. Sandeep PatilBrushing twice is enough. Brush once in the morning and once before going to bed at night.

GMoney Anchor - Good doctor, nowadays there is a lot of trend of electric toothbrushes. Is it better or is our normal toothbrush enough?

Dr. Sandeep PatilOk, both have advantages and disadvantages. If you look at the electric toothbrush, it has now been seen that according to 21 percent of research it is right, but what happens in it. For children, it is like playing, so there will be no need to pay so much attention to brushing.

Right but the only problem is affordability. Which one is expensive?

Electric toothbrushes are expensive and the normal toothbrushes that you use are cheaper. You can use whichever you find more efficient. That is not a problem.

GMoney Anchor - And what is the concept of Mouthwash? Means should we do mouthwash after brushing? I read that mouthwash is also very very essential, what would you suggest?

Dr. Sandeep PatilPersonally, if you ask me, I would not recommend mouthwash. Its base is alcohol. If you use more then you will get the feeling of minty fresh for some time but after some time the skin of your mouth gets affected. The skin which is inside the mouth, we call it oral mucosa, is dry, due to which there can be a problem of bad breath.

That is one problem. The second problem is that if you are using it for a long time, then stains can also come on the teeth.

GMoney Anchor - Ok doctor what is flossing. This is also very important. Should we do it ourselves on a regular basis or get it done by someone?

Dr. Sandeep PatilYou can also do flossing at home. It is like a thin thread. Flossing is the perfect way to remove whatever is stuck between two teeth. But if you start using it, it will become a habit.

GMoney Anchor - Ok and just my last question would be that as it happens many times, many people have cavities in their teeth since childhood, those cavities do not bother them. It is not that she is creating sensitivity or there is pain in eating anything, she is not doing anything, so should we go to the doctor in such a situation?

Dr. Sandeep PatilAll I would say is go to the dentist and get it checked. By the time the pain starts, it is time for root canal treatment. But if you get it fixed beforehand, then there will be no problem later. On today’s date, the treatment is not painful at all. So it is better that you tell the dentist, if there is decay, then the doctor will suggest whether you need to undergo treatment or not.

GMoney Anchor - Ok, thank you very much doctor, it was great talking to you. It was a great session, thank you so much for taking out some time from your busy schedule for us. The entire team of GMoney would like to say Thank You.

Dr. Sandeep PatilThank you so much for inviting me.

GMoney Anchor - It was Dr. Sandeep Patil, who very nicely told us all the important things that we should brush twice. How to brush, that too has been explained thoroughly. If you have a cavity in your teeth, there is any problem, consult a doctor immediately. On this note I will bid you farewell, I will come to the next show with a new super specialist doctor till then take care of yourself because good health is our promise.

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