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How to get relief from terrible neck pain?

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Dr. Shekhar Jambure

Hospital / Clinic

Pulse Physios Clinic, Navi Mumbai

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GMoney Anchor - I, Meenakshi, warmly welcome you all to the GMoney Health Show. For health-related information, please like, share, and subscribe to our YouTube page. Today with me is Dr. Shekhar Jamburi, who is a physiotherapist and India's First People Certified Physiotherapist and Gold Medalist. He has 15 years of experience and is currently practicing at Pulse Physio Clinic, which is located in Navi Mumbai.

Dr. Vilas Gaikwad – Hello.

neck pain reasons

GMoney Anchor - Hello doctor, I would like to ask you what are the causes of neck pain.

Dr. Vilas Gaikwad – See, there can be many reasons for this, but the most common reason nowadays is our sedentary lifestyle. Excessive use of laptops, and mobile phones, and the habit of bending the neck can also become difficult. This causes excessive load on your neck and can be a common trigger.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor, my next question is whether neck pain occurs at any particular age?

Dr. Vilas Gaikwad – Earlier the patients who came for neck pain were retired working professionals. Nowadays boys and girls of 20-22 years are also coming with neck pen. Excessive use of social media and using the phone throughout the day is becoming a major cause of neck pain.

GMoney Anchor - Good Doctor How does physiotherapy work?

Dr. Vilas Gaikwad – Physiotherapy is a branch of medical science that cures you without any medicine or injection. Exercises correct different postures. Improves your mobility.

Strengthens those muscles of yours which are not given attention in the gym. Your neck muscle is being used the most.

GMoney Anchor - And Doctor, is it that anyone can take physiotherapy or are there some restrictions that it is not possible to take physiotherapy after a certain age? If someone has thyroid or blood pressure then he cannot take physiotherapy. Is there anything like this?

Dr. Vilas Gaikwad – There is no such restriction. Everyone, from a baby born 1 hour early to the elderly can take physiotherapy. Considering the conditions you mentioned, perhaps some protocols may change, we may have to make a little modification, but we can take physiotherapy. He will help everyone.

GMoney Anchor - Ok ok, you explained it to me very well here. Okay doctor, do we have to follow any diet during physiotherapy? Is there anything like this?

Dr. Vilas Gaikwad – See if you are following a specific diet, it will help in your recovery. Nothing like this is necessary, even if you do not diet then you get results from physiotherapy. It is not that if you do not follow the diet, then your result will not come, but if you are following any activity, if you are doing any exercise program, then if you take high protein diet.

Then it helps to build your muscles and recovery becomes a bit easier.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor How long does recovery take?

Dr. Vilas Gaikwad – See recovery depends on how severe it is. It may take one to two weeks to two months for you to recover completely. Our spinal cord is made up of many beads.


33 beads that are not aligned. There’s a curve in them, so as we’ll see there’s a forward curve in the neck. There is a backward rotation in the chest, forward and backward rotation in the waist. So when we are evaluating the net, in the standard, there are often beads along the neck, which are in such a C shape, so when they are in a C shape, they are occupying so much space, but these beads move, don’t they move back and forth? Only then our movement takes place. So when they become flat, they seem to have an extra inch or two of space. Your height is not one or two inches bigger, then where did those one or two inches go? They will have to be adjusted somewhere, so if one segment of the spine is expanding, then the other segment of the spine will have to shrink, its pressure will go to the lower back.


When you want complete result then you have to work on the whole spine. If we work only on one part of the neck, then the result will come, but it will not be permanent, when we will correct the entire spine from bottom to top, then both your lower back pain and your neck pain will end together and will not come back. You should also do regular exercise.

GMoney Anchor - What would you suggest for all of us to have a good neck and not a bad posture?

Dr. Vilas Gaikwad – Do not bend your neck while using the phone. This will also reduce the pressure on the neck. You can start neck exercises. If the neck is strong then automatically the support of the head will increase.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you very much doctor. You have taken out some time from your busy schedule for our show. The entire team of GMoney Health Show would like to say Thank You.

Dr. Vilas Gaikwad – Thank you so much.

GMoney Anchor - And I would also like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to connect with so many viewers. You. So this was the doctor, who told us very well why neck pain occurs, what is the reason for it? What are the precautions we can take in our daily life? Jimny Health Show is a medium which connects you people directly with doctors, so if you have any question in your mind, you can write to me in the comments action, I will come in the next show with a new super specialist doctor till then take care of yourself. Keep it because good health is our promise.

neck pain reasons

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