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What should be eaten in Diabetes ? [Diabetes diet chart]

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Today in this blog we will know some important things related to Diabetes. Dr. Bilal Pathan from Pune is answering all our questions. Dr. Bilal is a Diabetologist and Director of Dr. Bilal Crystal Medicare.

DoctorDr. Bilal Pathan
Hospital / Clinic
Dr Bilal’s Crystal Medicare, Pune, Maharashtra
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GMoney Anchor - Sir, my first question would be what is normal blood sugar level?

Dr. Bilal Pathan Normal blood sugar of every human should be less than 150 mg/dL. If the patient’s blood sugar level is checked and it starts coming above 160, i.e. 160 mg/dL, then we must check once whether it is Diabetes or not?

diabetes diet

GMoney Anchor - We all know how common Diabetes is, what are its symptoms?

Dr. Bilal Pathan Although there are many symptoms of sugar, these are the most common symptoms. Polydipsia means excessive thirst. Another symptom is frequent urination. That is, the patient wakes up in the night to urinate frequently, feels very thirsty and has a strong desire to eat sweets. These three are the most common symptoms of Diabetes. Apart from this, there is no other specific symptom by which we can detect sugar. There is also a symptom that if any injury is not healing quickly, that can be considered a symptom.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor, which are the fruits that diabetic patients should eat?

Dr. Bilal Pathan Diabetic patients can eat all fruits except those fruits which have high sugar content. For example, you cannot eat chiku, you cannot eat watermelon, but you can definitely eat oranges.

Vitamin C rich fruits can also be eaten. You can eat pomegranate, you can eat orange i.e. orange, sweet lime and all such bitter fruits.

diet chart for diabetes

GMoney Anchor - What are the vegetables that a diabetic patient can eat?

Dr. Bilal PathanThere is no restriction in vegetables for diabetic patients, they can eat all types of vegetables.

Just have to avoid potato. There is only one vegetable that can be very harmful for them, and that is potato curry. There is no need for them to abstain from anything other than that.

GMoney Anchor - The last question from you would be that people often skip their breakfast, so does that also increase the risk to develop Diabetes?

Dr. Bilal PathanSee, the biggest disadvantage of skipping breakfast is that you may have to face obesity. Remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So I would like to request everyone to eat whatever they like for breakfast. Except for the sugary products, you can consume everything else.

GMoney Anchor - Ok thank you very much sir for taking time out of your busy schedule for us. The entire team of GMoney Health Show would like to say Thank You. Thank you so much for calling on this show, I am thankful to you. See you in the next show with a new super specialist doctor. Till then take care of yourself because good health is our promise.

indian diet for diabetes

So these are some of the most important tips which will help you to know more about diabetes and if you want to know more about other diseases then visit our blog page

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