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Treatment of Joint Pain [Tips for knee pain]

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Joint pain is a common health issue which is faced by every adult at some point in their life. Our sedentary lifestyle can lead to severe Joint related problems in future. In this blog, we have doctor Anant sharing much needed information on this topic.


Dr. Anant Bagul

Hospital / ClinicUniversal Hospital, Pune
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Duration : Approx 11 minutes
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GMoney Anchor - Welcome to GMoney Health Show, I am Neha Bajaj. In our health show, the questions are from you and the answers are from the experts. Today joining us on our show is Dr. Anant Bagul who is an Orthopedic Surgeon, practising at Universal Hospital Pune for the last 30 years. Dr. Anand, welcome to our show.

Dr. Anant Bagul – Thank you very much.

knee pain

GMoney Anchor- Good doctor, nowadays in our lifestyle we have nonstop working hours, improper sleeping hours. Joint pain due to vitamin deficiency or lack of sleep is becoming very common. Why so? What are the reasons?

Dr. Anant Bagul – Look, the thing is that in today’s everyday life where our food and drink is a bit bad. There is a lack of calcium, there is a lack of exercise. What happens in that case? Slowly pressure starts coming on the joints. Knee pain occurs due to weight gain.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor, does this joint pain occur only after an age?

Dr. Anant Bagul There is no age limit in this.

Earlier the joint problems used to occur at later stages in life, but nowadays it begins from the age of 25 or 30 years. Very unfortunate.

GMoney Anchor - You are absolutely right and doctor, tell us the importance of Vitamin D. My orthopedic surgeon has also told me to take Vitamin D at least once every week.

Dr. Anant BagulThere are many supplements in the market, taking these does not cause joint pain. Look, calcium and vitamin D are very important things. Vitamin D and calcium are very important. You have to take it. Along with that you should do yoga and regular exercise.

GMoney Anchor - Yes, then which vitamins can the doctor take?

Dr. Anant BagulVitamin D is enough even if taken once a day in one capsule. If you spend time in the sunlight as well, you will get a great source of Vitamin D and that also works.

GMoney Anchor - Good doctor, if someone is 25 years old then he should also start Vitamin D or he should wait till he is 40 years old.

Dr. Anant BagulThe sooner you start the better.

treatment of knee pain

GMoney Anchor - We do not take it seriously until the disease happens to us. Today's young generation is busy on the phone for 24 hours, watches late TV, eating and drinking is also not proper, what should be done so that joint pain does not happen in the future?

Dr. Anant BagulYes, a very good question of course. You have to change your lifestyle, you have to be active, you have to exercise. Spend a little half an hour in the sun. Exercise, do swimming. This will maintain the flexibility and strength of the bone and you will be less likely to develop joint pain.

GMoney Anchor - Ok and doctor, often I have seen that my mother and grandmother always complain of joint pain after a certain age. So is this joint pain more common in women? Is this gender specific?

Dr. Anant BagulVery true question, after 40, when the amount of estrogen hormone decreases in the body, bone hollowing occurs after menopause. And after the age of 40, the weight increases, the more the weight, the more the bones will be stressed, hence there is pain in the joints.

GMoney Anchor - You told us very correct things. Achcha, can you tell us any such food sources? People keep saying that those who are non-vegetarian do not have any vitamin deficiency. Those who are vegetarian can have all these problems in the long run, how true is this thing?

Dr. Anant BagulEven being a vegetarian, you can take a good amount of vitamin D. Especially there are many things like sprouted beans, sprouted seeds, green vegetables, cheese, paneer, which will not cause any deficiency of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is very well available in non-vegetarian people.

GMoney Anchor - So all the viewers listened to Dr. Anant's answer, I am sure it would have helped a lot and now it is time for our rapid fire segment. Doctor Anand, are you ready?

Dr. Anant BagulYes, yes.

GMoney Anchor - Ok? So the first question is, Vitamin D Supplementation for Bones, Yes or No?

Dr. Anant BagulYes.

GMoney Anchor - OK and food rich in Vitamin D?

Dr. Anant BagulAll milk products, sprouted beans, green vegetables, non-vegetarian food, and fish are good sources of vitamin D.

tips for knee pain

GMoney Anchor - Rigorous Gym Exercises, Yes or No?

Dr. Anant BagulLight exercise yes and rigorous gym exercise no.

GMoney Anchor - Vitamin D supplements, yes or no?

Dr. Anant BagulYes, of course.

GMoney Anchor - What's the matter, all the questions that were in our mind have been addressed today, so thank you so much Dr. Anant. You joined our GMoney Health show and you gave such good information, thank you so much.

Dr. Anant BagulThank you, thank you.

GMoney Anchor - So it was Dr Anant who told us what is good for bone and muscle density. I am sure you must have learned all these things very well. We will meet you in a new episode. With new experts, till then don't forget to subscribe to our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels and keep watching GMoney Health Show, Achhi Sehat, Hamara Vaada.

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