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Diet Plan To Increase Fertility Natutrally

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There are many people who do not get the pleasure of becoming parents. Either male or female can be the cause of infertility. In some cases, both can be a problem. In this blog, we are discussing male infertility. Dr. Madhu Sudhan answers all our questions.


Dr. Madhu Sudan

Hospital / Clinic

Arogya Clinic, Delhi and Gurgaon

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GMoney Anchor - I, Meenakshi, welcome you all to the GMoney Health Show. For health related information, please like, share, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Today we have with us Dr. Madhusudan, who is a sexologist with 12 years of experience. So hello, Doctor, welcome. I would like to know from you that nowadays, infertility is increasing. What do you think are the reasons for this?

infertility diet plan

Dr. Madhu Sudan You are right, nowadays, infertility is increasing a lot.

So see, there are two types of infertility, one is male infertility and female infertility. Sometimes the sperm count is low or their sperm count is nil, which we understand as male infertility. What happens to women? It happens to many females that their eggs are not able to mature properly, or they face the problem of PCOD. This happens due to a hormonal imbalance. Because of this, they face difficulty conceiving, which we know as female infertility.

GMoney Anchor - What are the statistics of male infertility compared to female infertility?

Dr. Madhu Sudan – As you can see, male infertility has also increased to a great extent. But the problem is seen more in females. Nowadays, everyone’s lifestyle is not healthy, due to which good hormones are not made. So yes, we can say that female infertility is more common than male infertility.

GMoney Anchor - Ok, doctor, I have read articles in many places; tell me, is it true or not that stress causes infertility?

Dr. Madhu Sudan – Yes, stress is also a main reason. You will see that in big cities, people keep running from morning to evening. There is so much office work, we are not able to maintain a healthy diet and remain under stress due to office work, If there is stress, then good hormones are not released from your body, and if good hormones are not released, then somewhere their side-effects are to be seen. Infertility is also one of them, so stress is also a big reason which is why you may face the problem of infertility.

GMoney Anchor - Ok, is there any special diet to be followed to increase fertility?

infertility diet plan

Dr. Madhu Sudan – First of all, they have to avoid food. Eat flour made things like pizza and burgers,  at least. Eat home cooked food, take fruits, dry fruits, juices, and green vegetables; these will help you. Your hormones will be good, and your eggs will be good. The more oil, chili, flour, and junk food you reduce, the better it will be for your body.

And your body will make equally good eggs, and you will be able to conceive.

GMoney Anchor - Does it have anything to do with age?

Dr. Madhu Sudan By the way, age does not make much difference, but if you are 40 or older, then there can be a problem because after 40, your periods will reduce. Will stop after some time, but if you are under 40, your body is healthy, your diet is healthy, and you are exercising daily, to keep your body fit, then you will not face any problem conceiving. But still, in today’s time, we advise our patients that if you conceive before 35, then it is better. Because after that, the quality of the eggs that are there is not so good, due to which you face problems conceiving again. Many people have miscarriages.

So it is better that you try before 35.

GMoney Anchor - Ok, and Doctor, just the last question would be, are there any lifestyle habits that are causing infertility?

Dr. Madhu Sudan – See, I told you long ago that the wrong lifestyle is the biggest reason for this. People focus only on work from morning until evening. Eat outside food more. If your eating habits are not good, then your body will not be able to work well. Your body will not be able to make good hormones. Nowadays, mostly everyone has a sitting job. You sit on the chair the whole day, there is no activity, that is also a reason.

Take out 30 minutes daily for your body, do some exercise, walk, or join the gym. Keep your body active and do not sit for too long. If you have a sitting job, then try it. After every hour, get up and walk a little; after that, take a break. If you are sitting, then keep doing some movement every hour. It is not that they keep sitting for a long time.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you Doctor, for taking time out of your busy schedule for us. The entire team at GMoney Health Show would like to say Thank You.

infertility diet plan

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