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How To Control Severe Hairfall? Take care of your diet

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Dr Aaliya Khan

Hospital / Clinic

Kara Skin & Hair Clinic, Faridabad, Haryana

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GMoney Anchor - For good hair health, it is important that we also maintain a good diet. In this blog, Dr. Alia Khan gives answers to all our questions. Do you know that if you want to improve hair growth, you should include plenty of protein in your diet? I, Neha Bajaj, warmly welcome you all to the GMoney Health Show and in today's video, a well-known name is joining us, Dr. Alia Khan, a hair specialist. She has been practicing for the last 15 years and is the director of Kara Skin and Hair Clinic in Faridabad, Haryana. Doctor Khan, you are very welcome.

Dr Aaliya KhanThank you so much.

fast hair growth tips

GMoney Anchor - Today, we are going to talk to you about hair care. It is said that what you eat is who you are. No matter how many things you apply, what you eat basically reflects your skin and us. So tell all our viewers which fruits and vegetables you advise your patients to include in their daily diet for hair growth.

Dr Aaliya Khan – If you want to make your hair and skin healthy, then first of all, you have to include Vitamin A, B, C, potassium, protein, and fiber in your diet. You should eat fruits that have a sour taste. Green, leafy vegetables should be eaten. It is very important to take a good quantity of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. So that means how many fruits should be eaten in a day and average books.

GMoney Anchor - Nowadays, our lifestyle is such that we depend on fruit juice. Which fruits should be eaten?

Dr Aaliya Khan – See, our lifestyle right now is a busy one; we are not able to give ourselves time to eat proper food. Eat as much as you can in a bowl, even if you eat just one. Eat as much as you want. As the summer season is going on, you should eat as much fruit as possible, which supplies maximum water to your body.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor Khan, you told us about fruits and vegetables. Nowadays, many seeds are also very popular. If we talk about celebrities, even doctors are giving advice these days. If you want to improve hair growth and avoid hair fall, which seeds are good?

Dr Aaliya Khan – There are many seeds that we can eat and use in vegetables. Flaxseeds are done, sunflower seeds are done, and your pumpkin seeds are done. When there is strength in the hair, obviously it will be fine and hairfall will be controlled. After that come sunflower seeds, which contain omega-three fatty acids, which is very good for the growth of our hair.

GMoney Anchor - Ok. Should seeds be soaked and eaten?

Dr Aaliya Khan – If it is hot, then you can soak it and eat it, it is okay, its effect becomes cool. If people eat it by adding more vegetables, you can eat that too.

You can use it as a dressing for your salad. In any form you feel comfortable with.

GMoney Anchor - Is it necessary to roast the seeds?

Dr Aaliya Khan – You like to eat after roasting. You can eat it by adding salt to it. You can eat it raw. You can also eat it after soaking. Nowadays, people mix all the seeds and keep them in a bottle jar. As soon as I had time, I opened it and ate a little.

GMoney Anchor - Okay, so today we learned about seeds from Dr. Khan. Well, Doctor Khan, there can be a long debate on this matter. But still, I want to know from you whether vegetarian food contains enough protein. Protein makes our hair good and everyone says that a high protein diet should be taken.

Dr Aaliya Khan – Yes, absolutely, regardless of whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian. You can eat seeds. You will get protein from it.

GMoney Anchor - Ok. Do sprouts and lentils also contain protein?

Dr Aaliya Khan – You can say, Eat as many pulses as you want. Don’t eat too many pulses. If you add even one bowl to your meal, it will be beneficial.

Okay, so it is not necessary that you have to eat many fancy things. We already have all these things in our kitchen.

You will eat dal, roti, dal, and rice, you will get protein in those too. You can also eat soybeans.

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GMoney Anchor - So Dr. Khan, when patients come to you, which supplements do you advise them to take?

Dr Aaliya Khan – Which girls are using these days, which contain high levels of minerals. Vitamin A, B12, your Vitamin C, you can take all these things. In whatever form you take tablets, do not take them regularly. Do a course lasting a maximum of three months. More of anything is not good.

GMoney Anchor - If you talk about important vitamins and minerals, then which nutrition is important for hair?

Dr Aaliya Khan – Whenever you follow any diet, food plays a very major role in it. So it is very important for you to take iron. Everyone talks about protein, a lot. It is pure. Along with protein, it is also important to take iron. Like I told you, eat pumpkin seeds.

GMoney Anchor - So here is what Dr. Alia Khan has to say about food and drink. Only nutritional vitamin supplements can help you take care of your hair. With this, Doctor Khan, we want to say thank you. You took out your precious time for GMoney Health Show. Join us. Thank you so much.

GMoney Anchor - So this was Dr. Alia Khan, a well-known name who today told our viewers about many things. I hope you liked today's video. Please share your feedback. You will also tell if you want to see discussion on any other topic. Be sure to take care of your hair. Take care of your health. Stay healthy, stay cool, keep watching GMoney Health Show because good health is our promise.

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