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How to take care of your glasses? [Eye Problem Solution]

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There are many people who have been wearing glasses for years but they do not have the right knowledge about their maintenance. In this blog, Dr. Ashok Hansaria is giving answers to all our questions.


Dr. Ashok Hansaria

Hospital / ClinicShivam Netralaya, East Delhi
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GMoney Anchor - I am Neha Bajaj and welcome to all of you. In today's video, joining us is Dr. Ashok, who is a surgeon, has experience of the last 25 years who is going to share with us today and along with that he is the director of Shivam Netralaya which is in East Delhi. So Neha Bajaj welcomes you all to the GMoney Health Show.

Dr. Ashok Hansaria – Good morning, Neha.

eye problem solution

GMoney Anchor- We are very glad to have you as a guest here. Because today you have joined our show. We will discuss the very basics. First of all, you tell us that many people who are already wearing glasses, most of them do not have a lot of information, so what is the right way to maintain glasses.

Dr. Ashok Hansaria – Its maintenance is very easy. Nowadays, we do not use glass as we say glass, we use plastic, plastic is light, does not break, does not heat up in the sun. Put two drops of water in it and clean it with the cloth given with the spectacles.

GMoney Anchor - What are the common mistakes made by the patients who come to you?

Dr. Ashok Hansaria No parent wants their kids to wear glasses.

To tell the truth, even the doctor does not want the children to have to wear spectacles. Because if that child does not wear spectacles by mistake, then his retina is affected. Due to which the development of his retina is not completed, the eyesight of the children which is formed till the age of 10 years, does not become complete. The condition we call amblyopia or lazy eye.

eye problem

GMoney Anchor - Achcha ok, Sir again this is my question, this is the question of many parents as well. Parents say that I do not want or want my child to have glasses at such a young age, so what is the alternative?

Dr. Ashok HansariaIf your children need glasses.

And if his age is less than 10 years, then it is appropriate to wear spectacles. The second thing is that you don’t have to wear spectacles at all. Wear it all the time, only take it off while sleeping and bathing so that the retina of his eyes gets enough installation and his eyesight can become as much as it should be. He will take off his glasses only while sleeping and while taking a bath.

GMoney Anchor - Ok sir, what are the precautions to be followed while wearing glasses for children?

Dr. Ashok HansariaKids have to wear glasses all the time if the number of glasses is too low.

If he is able to see without glasses, he can take them off while playing. While working on computer, on a laptop or mobile or while reading and writing, he has to wear glasses for both near and far work.

So you have to wear spectacles all the time, whether the spectacles are of simple plastic, they should be taken care of.

GMoney Anchor - Ok so see there are many things related to spectacles which Dr. Ashok is telling us here. Good sir, nowadays all the children are busy on mobile, TV or phone and in this online learning, somewhere our children have been tied to that screen. So what do you want to say in such a situation? Even in that time, children wear glasses or even those who do not wear them, is there a risk of getting glasses from too much screen time?

Dr. Ashok HansariaWe have seen whether it was our compulsion or the compulsion of the children. There was no physical teaching. Mobile screens are more harmful for eyes than laptops. The main reason for this is that the mobile screen is smaller than the laptop. Mobile is closer to the eyes. When the child reads in it, the battery of the mobile keeps getting down gradually, the more the battery of the mobile goes down, the more the radiation keeps on increasing that’s why we tell the children not to study on mobile. If you keep the mobile away, it will be fine.

GMoney Anchor - Well sir, again a very interesting question, does eating and drinking also affect our eyesight?

Dr. Ashok HansariaEating and drinking may have less effect on eyesight directly but it affects growth of eyes. Green vegetables, milk, black gram, almonds, carrots, papaya, fruits, should be eaten. Don’t eat junk food, don’t eat chips, crisps, chowmein, because junk food has artificial flavour. We say to avoid rusty food. And drink milk and carrots both times and eat carrots, green vegetables, black gram.

GMoney Anchor - You told us such good things. We would like to say thank you on behalf of the entire team of GMoney Health Show for taking out your precious time from your busy schedule, thank you so much. I hope you liked today's video. Will definitely share your feedback. If you want to see discussion on any other topic also tell us, with this I Neha Bajaj now take permission from you, will meet in a new video with a new super specialist. Good health is our promise.

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