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Best Indian Diet Chart for Diabetic Patients

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Dr. Bilal Pathan

Hospital / Clinic

Dr Bilal’s Crystal Medicare, Pune, Maharashtra

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GMoney Anchor - My first question to you would be, what is the normal blood sugar level?

Dr. Bilal Pathan – The normal blood sugar level varies from person to person. If you check it at any given time, it should be less than 150 mg per deciliter. If it goes above a hundred and sixty mg per deciliter, then you should definitely get checked to see if you have diabetes or not.

GMoney Anchor - Since we all know how common diabetes is, what are the symptoms of this condition? What should people be looking out for?

Dr. Bilal Pathan – Well, there are several symptoms that are common for diabetes. The most common ones are polyphagia, which is excessive hunger. Another symptom is frequently urinating, especially during the night. Excessive thirst is another common symptom. These three are the most significant symptoms of diabetes. Apart from that, there are no specific symptoms that can be used to detect diabetes. One more symptom that can indicate diabetes is if any wounds or injuries are taking longer to heal.

GMoney Anchor - Which fruits should diabetic patients consume?

Dr. Bilal Pathan – Diabetic patients can consume most fruits, except for those with high sugar content. For instance, diabetic patients should avoid fruits like chikoo and watermelon, but they can certainly have oranges. Diabetic patients can also consume fruits rich in vitamin C, such as oranges, grapefruits, and bitter fruits, all of which are readily available in India. Guavas are an excellent source of vitamin C, so diabetic patients can include them in their diet.

GMoney Anchor - And which vegetables are recommended for diabetic patients?

Dr. Bilal Pathan – Diabetic patients can eat a wide variety of vegetables. There are no restrictions on the type of vegetables they can consume, except for potatoes. Potatoes should be avoided as they can be harmful to diabetic patients. Apart from that, there is no need for them to restrict their vegetable intake. They can eat all types of vegetables.

GMoney Anchor - Is it true that skipping breakfast can increase the tendency for people to develop diabetes?

Dr. Bilal Pathan – Skipping breakfast can have the most negative impact on individuals. It can lead to weight gain later on or result in facing the consequences of obesity. Remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is the most significant meal of the entire day. So, I would strongly recommend that people have a complete breakfast, including everything they like, except for sugary products. They should avoid consuming sugar in the morning and have a fulfilling breakfast.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you so much for calling me on this show. I am grateful for this opportunity.

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