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Treatment of foot sprain with physiotherapy [ankle sprain treatment]

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Dr. Ashwani Kumar Saini

Hospital / Clinic

Dental Matra Dental Clinic, Pune, Maharashtra

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GMoney Anchor - My first question to you would be about a sprained ankle. What is it, and what causes it?

Dr. Ashwani Kumar Saini – Well, ankle sprains occur due to various reasons. To begin with, if we’re walking, and suddenly there’s a twist in our ankle, it might lead to a ligament sprain. In such cases, muscles may tear or tendons may be affected, but an actual ankle sprain happens when the ligaments in the ankle are strained. Sometimes, if there’s pain in the lower back or hips, it might radiate to the ankle, or if someone follows a specific walking pattern, it can also cause ankle sprain.

Dr. Ashwani Kumar Saini – Patients may experience pain in the lower back or hips while walking, and this might be mistaken for lumbar radiculopathy or gluteal amnesia. Diagnosing ankle sprains can be challenging as it might be confused with other conditions, but recognizing the symptoms, such as swelling and tenderness, is crucial.

ankle sprain in hindi

GMoney Anchor - I couldn't have imagined ankle sprains being connected to migraines. I think you've provided very useful information for all our viewers. So, if someone has an ankle sprain, what should they absolutely avoid doing?

Dr. Ashwani Kumar Saini – Well, if someone has a confirmed ankle sprain, it’s crucial to avoid prolonged standing or walking. Rest is essential, and they should avoid applying heat or ice without professional advice. In addition, trying home remedies like tying a thread or applying turmeric paste might provide temporary relief but won’t address the actual issue. Seeking professional help from a physiotherapist or osteopath is advisable to prevent further complications.

GMoney Anchor - It's surprising to know how ankle sprains can have such wide-ranging effects on the body. My next question is, do people sometimes underestimate the seriousness of ankle sprains?

Dr. Ashwani Kumar Saini – Absolutely. Many people tend to take ankle sprains lightly, thinking rest or over-the-counter medications will solve the problem. However, it’s crucial to take ankle sprains seriously. Even if the pain seems mild, consulting a nearby physiotherapist or osteopath can provide proper guidance. Ignoring ankle sprains can lead to long-term complications and affect the biomechanics of the body.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor, my next question is, if someone has an ankle sprain, how can physiotherapy help in their recovery?

Dr. Ashwani Kumar Saini – Physiotherapy plays a significant role in the recovery of ankle sprains. It involves conservative treatments without the need for medication or surgery. Physiotherapists assess the condition and may use techniques like icing, ultrasound, and specific exercises. They also guide patients on dos and don’ts, helping them maintain proper posture and avoid activities that can worsen the condition.

Dr. Ashwani Kumar Saini – Conservative treatments in physiotherapy are effective, have no side effects, and are cost-effective compared to surgeries or medications. Physiotherapists work closely with patients, providing personalized care and educating them on preventive measures, ensuring a holistic approach to recovery.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you so much, Doctor. You've explained everything so well with practical examples. I'm sure our viewers have gained a detailed understanding. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule for our health show. The entire team appreciates your contribution.

Dr. Ashwani Kumar Saini – You’re welcome.

ankle sprain in hindi

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