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How should women take care of themselves during menopause? [Treatment for menopause]

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Menopause is a stage of life that every woman goes through. In today’s blog, Dr. Veena Shinde answers many questions. Let us know how women can take care of their health during menopause.


Dr. Veena Shinde

Hospital / Clinic

Shinde’s Medical Hospital, Lokhandwala, Mumbai 

Spandan IVF Centre, Mumbai

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GMoney Anchor - I am Neha Bajaj, very much welcome to all of you in the Jimny Health Show and in today's video, a very experienced doctor Dr. Veena Shinde is joining us. She is a Gynecologist who will share her experience of the last 30 years on our show today. Doctor Veena, you are very welcome.

Dr. Veena Shinde – Greetings.

GMoney Anchor- It is our good fortune that today you are associated with us in our show, Thank you so much. So, Dr. Veena, what we are going to talk to you about today is menopause and the changes it brings to women. There are many such concepts, which will be discussed with you. So first of all, we want to know from you what causes menopause.

what is menopause

Dr. Veena Shinde – There is an age of onset of menstruation, which is 14, 12 or 13 years. Then, when it starts, it can become a mother, that is, it becomes fertile, and when women reach the age of 40, 50, menstruation stops. It also happens until the age of 60. This period can be broken into three parts. Some start after 2-3 years. Gradually, the hormones that are present gradually decrease, and due to their decrease, the ability to become a mother also decreases. Eggs are reduced in the body, and gradually the epidemic stops after a few days. When it stops, then after 1 year, when the period does not come at all, it is called premenopause, and the period after that is called postmenopause.

GMoney Anchor - You talked about perimenopause, so at what age do women who have menopause go through it, and what are the reasons for it?

Dr. Veena Shinde It happens when the period stops before the age of 40. The girls who smoke are more prone to it. Then some people get it hereditary; that is, their mother and their sister have it, so they can also get it. Some girls have it due to some diseases, such as having chemotherapy, radiation, etc. for cancer.

Happens quickly. Sometimes surgery also causes menopause, and when ovarian surgery is done, the blood supply gets reduced. Because of that, when menopause happens, someone’s uterus gets removed. In this way, there are different reasons for premature ovarian insufficiency. But they face a lot of problems with this. If they have a problem, there is a treatment for that too.

GMoney Anchor - Now I want to know this from you. And at what stage does a woman have to face the maximum pain?

Dr. Veena ShindeWomen suffer the most in the premenopause stage when they want a baby and the quality of their eggs is not good. If a lot of medicines have to be given, then she gets surprised by that. When they reach the age of 40, we want our own eggs. Because I do IVF, I am telling you that it is very difficult, even if eggs are produced, their quality is not good, and then we are afraid whether we will have a normal baby or not. There are many complications, and risks involved.

GMoney Anchor - If someone has delayed menopause, should we consider that a major disease for him, or is that also a danger sign?

Dr. Veena ShindeLook, when this happens, then the period stops. Bleeding stops when the period stops. Nowadays, it is seen that very heavy periods are happening. People have to remove the uterus because of that. Cancer is happening. People are getting cervical cancer, so when the bleeding stops in it, at least there is no problem. After 50, if the period continues, then a checkup should be done. Breast cancer, uterine cancer make periods last longer due to high hormones.

So that, too, is not good.

GMoney Anchor - What is the pelvic floor? You should also educate yourself on this.

Dr. Veena ShindeThe place between the pelvic floor, that is, the place of urine and the place of the toilet, the groin, is called the pelvic floor. We have control over urine, and we have control over stool. After menopause, the blood supply that goes there decreases. Muscle strength decreases. Before she reaches the bathroom, she either urinates in her undergarments or becomes free. Intercourse is painful, then becomes irritable. They feel very hot during menopause. They sweat, even after feeling the heat, their sweat decreases. Their confidence decreases. They don’t try to get out of the house. They want to sit at home. If their energy level falls below that, then all this should not happen. That’s why women should remain active. All this does not happen when women are active.

GMoney Anchor - What's the matter? You said that it's a very good thing that being physically active reduces diseases and also leads to a smooth menopausal process. Retirement should not be the end of life; life retirement should be the beginning. You are absolutely right. Ok, my next question is which hormones play a very important role in menopause?

Dr. Veena ShindeA woman’s ovaries are responsible for producing two essential hormones, estrogen and progesterone. These hormones play an important role in the human reproductive system as well as in fertility and menstruation.

If menopause happens, then the estrogen that is there is reduced. His bones, which are strong, gradually become weak. his heart becomes weak. That’s why a person should keep doing some physical activity as soon as the period ends.

symptoms of menopause

GMoney Anchor - You are absolutely right. Well, I want to know two things from you. First of all, if someone is 40 or 45, then what should be included in the diet to maintain those levels? Do you give advice to your patients?

Dr. Veena ShindePumpkin seeds, natural food, i.e. homemade natural food should be eaten, it keeps their estrogen level good. Junk food should not be eaten. What happens with junk food is that your cholesterol increases and you have to eat a lot of normal food like rice, pulses, vegetables. Lots of fruits should be eaten. But it takes a lot of hard work. eat fenugreek

Menopause is easier than all this.

GMoney Anchor - I want to say thank you Neha Bajaj on behalf of the team of GMoney, I want to thank you for taking out your valuable time from your busy schedule and giving such good information today. Thank you so much So this was Dr. Meena Shinde, who gave us the necessary information, told us about diet, told us about the importance of physical activity, I hope you would have liked today's video very much. Do share your feedback. Do let us know if you want to see discussion on any other topic. I take permission on this matter, and will meet you in a new video of GMoney Health Show. Take care of your health, stay healthy, stay cool, and keep watching the GMoney Health Show. Good health is our promise.

what is the meaning of menopause

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