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When to get physiotherapy? advantages and disadvantages

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Dr. Subhash Rewariya

Hospital / Clinic

The Physio Capital, Jaipur, Rajasthan

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GMoney Anchor - Sir, first of all, I would like to ask you why physiotherapy is recommended after pregnancy.

Dr. Subhash Rewariya – Physiotherapy after delivery is crucial. During pregnancy, there are changes in the mother’s body, such as the curvature shift, kyphosis, and lordosis. This can lead to back pain. Additionally, ligaments soften, and muscles stretch. The pelvic floor also undergoes changes, leading to issues like stress incontinence and back pain. Physiotherapy is recommended post-delivery to address these concerns through postnatal exercises.

physiotherapy in hindi

GMoney Anchor - I'm inquiring about suitable candidates—those who have undergone normal delivery or cesarean delivery.

Dr. Subhash Rewariya – It depends on the case. Both normal and cesarean deliveries are suitable, but we need to pay extra attention to cesarean cases. In normal deliveries, there isn’t as much focus required. Back pain is a common issue, but in cesarean cases, there is often diastasis recti, a gap in the abdominal muscles, leading to weakened muscles and pelvic floor issues. This can result in problems like urine leakage and back pain. Physiotherapy exercises are highly beneficial in cesarean cases.

GMoney Anchor - How long is physiotherapy provided? Is it given for a certain number of months?

Dr. Subhash Rewariya – At least 4 to 6 months are recommended for physiotherapy. If you want to be fully fit, this duration is essential. Being fit ensures a healthier lifestyle, especially if you plan to conceive again. We often see patients who have neglected postnatal exercises, and years later, they still suffer from back pain. Regular exercises are crucial for a complete recovery.

GMoney Anchor - Is there a specific diet to follow during physiotherapy?

Dr. Subhash Rewariya – Yes, a special diet is recommended. After delivery, there is increased water retention, so it’s essential to drink plenty of water. Include protein-rich foods like milk, lentils, yogurt, cheese, chicken, or fish if non-vegetarian. Fruits and green vegetables should also be a part of the diet.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you so much, Doctor. I appreciate you taking the time from your busy schedule. On behalf of the entire Jaimini Health Show team, thank you.

Dr. Subhash Rewariya – You’re welcome, ma’am. It was nice talking to you.

GMoney Anchor - If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section. I will address them in the next show with another super specialist doctor. Take care of your health because good health is our commitment.

physiotherapy in hindi

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