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Why do teeth tingle? What is Teeth Sensitivity?

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Dr. Ashwin Fernandes

Hospital / Clinic

Ashwin Dental Care Clinic, Kalyan, Mumbai

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GMoney Anchor - My first question to you would be what is tooth sensitivity?

Dr. Ashwin Fernandes – Tooth sensitivity is the feeling that the patient feels when eating something cold or hot. As if a glow arises, as if sometimes there is a sprain in the legs. Exactly the same thing happens in the teeth. In case of sensitivity, if you eat anything cold, or eat anything sweet or sour, it suddenly flares up.

tooth sensitivity reasons

GMoney Anchor - Is there tingling in the teeth? What causes it, doctor?

Dr. Ashwin Fernandes – See, there are many reasons for sensitivity, one of which is faulty brushing. If you have done brushing very vigorously. Due to wrong brushing, the enamel of the teeth, i.e. the upper layer, falls off and the vein inside starts getting exposed.

GMoney Anchor - And if I talk about its symptoms, there is a tingling sensation, what else happens besides this?

Dr. Ashwin Fernandes – There are three layers of teeth, enamel, dentin and pulp. If dentin has fallen out, there can be a lot of pain and sensitivity.

GMoney Anchor - Ok, so if someone has sensitivity in their teeth, there would be many food restrictions also, i.e. some items they can eat, some they cannot eat. So what would you say about it?

Dr. Ashwin Fernandes – In food items, we say that sour should not be eaten. There was nothing much to eat. There should not be too much sweetness. The stomach should be clean. We do not pay attention to these things when we go to the dentist. People do not keep in mind that even if the stomach is not cleaned, gas can also occur.

If the stomach is upset then the teeth are bound to be affected.

The sensitivity of teeth will increase.

GMoney Anchor - How is it treated?

Dr. Ashwin Fernandes- Treatment can be started with toothpaste. It means they are at the first level where the tingling has started, so they can take rest. If they use toothpaste every four to eight weeks, the patient will be comfortable sitting with it.

GMoney Anchor - Does turmeric remove sensitivity?

Dr. Ashwin Fernandes – Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, so if there is swelling, swollen gums, then drinking turmeric milk will give relief, but there will be no effect on the sensitivity.

GMoney Anchor - It was also written in many places that gargling with salt water is also helpful, so how true is it?

Dr. Ashwin Fernandes – Salt water balances the pH of the mouth, good bacteria are formed from it, so it helps a lot. That also provides a lot of relief.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you so much, doctor, for taking time out of your busy schedule for us. The entire team of GMoney Health Show wants to say thank you.

Dr. Ashwin Fernandes – Thank you so much.

GMoney Anchor - This was the doctor with us, who very nicely told us what tooth sensitivity is and what its causes are. If you have any questions in mind, you can write them in the comment section. I will come in the next show with new superspecialist doctor. Till then,take care of yourself because good health is our promise

tooth sensitivity reasons

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