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How to Treat Dandruff [Causes and Symptoms]

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The problem of dandruff bothers a lot. If it increases too much, then people feel embarrassed. It is very important to know the right ways and treatments to deal with it. In this blog, Dr. Neeraj Kumar gives answers to all our questions.


Dr. Neeraj Kumar

Hospital / Clinic

Magical Morphers, Delhi

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GMoney Anchor - I am Neha Bajaj, and I welcome you all to the GMoney Health Show. In today's video, we are joined by Dr. Neeraj Kumar who is a Dermatologist practising for many years and is the Director of Magical Morphers in Delhi. Dr. Neeraj will share his experience of 12 years with us today. You are very welcome, Dr. Neeraj. Dr. Neeraj, today I am going to discuss with you a very basic thing that we all experience somewhere, and that is dandruff. So first of all, tell us what causes dandruff.

Dr. Neeraj KumarDandruff is caused by a fungus called Malassezia. Inflammatory reaction on the face or wherever it falls. Means there is itching. If someone has metabolic syndrome, it is seen more in them. Poor hair hygiene is the main cause of Dandruff.

GMoney Anchor - Ok, good sir, are men more prone to dandruff than women?

what is the reason of dandruff

Dr. Neeraj Kumar – There is no proof of this; women can also have more.

GMoney Anchor - Many times, people do not maintain their hair hygiene, do not shampoo regularly, or apply too much oil. Does it happen because of that too?

Dr. Neeraj Kumar People apply a lot of oil, which can lead to more dandruff. Oiling should not be done at all until the fungus is cured. The problem of dandruff is more prevalent in the winter because the scalp becomes dry and it is very itchy. So hair washing should not be done with hot water. Ketoconazole is a medicine, it should be mixed and applied. But the most important thing is to keep it for a long time. We recommend letting it sit for 10 minutes. People say that we even shampooed, but still it did not go away. So this is a good reason, and at the same time, it is important to discuss it with a dermatologist.

GMoney Anchor - Well sir, what is the natural cure for dandruff?

Dr. Neeraj Kumar Taking more self medication is not good at all. Shampoo can be used. In case of more problems, we also give oral medicine.

GMoney Anchor - Ok sir, tell me, how can dandruff increase further? How is it triggered?

Dr. Neeraj Kumar Mustard oil is the biggest trigger. Oil should not be applied at all when there is dandruff and other trigger factors related to lifestyle. If someone has a diabetes problem or does not have diabetes, then there is insulin resistance. If you have a hormonal imbalance, then there will be dandruff, which will not go away just by applying shampoo. In that case, you need hormonal treatment. Proper diet and exercise should also be done.

what is dandruff

GMoney Anchor - Can dust, dirt, and pollution also increase dandruff?

Dr. Neeraj Kumar If you shampoo well for ten minutes, then there will be no problem. After that, you can also use conditioner because sometimes more roughness comes from shampoo. Oil should not be applied.

GMoney Anchor - Good sir, some people have dry dandruff, and some people have oily dandruff too. Are there types of this, and how does it happen?

Dr. Neeraj KumarYes, there are different types of dandruff too. There are many types of dry dandruff, and the most common type is dry skin dandruff. Oily dandruff is also caused by the accumulation of sebum, oil, and dirt in the head. Fungal malassezia is one such type of dandruff, that occurs naturally on the scalp. Most of the oily scalp thrives, and you cannot get rid of it with common anti dandruff solutions. Dandruff may be of any type, but it should not be ignored. If there is a hormonal imbalance, then treat it. Take care of your diet and exercise. High protein diet should be followed.

GMoney Anchor - Dr. Neeraj Kumar told us many important things today, and with this, we say thank you on behalf of the entire team of GMoney Health Show. You took time from your busy schedule and joined us on GMoney Health Show Thank you very much. I hope you liked today's video. Do share your feedback. If you want to see discussion on any other topic, then also tell us. With this, I say goodbye to you, Neha Bajaj, we will meet in a new video with a New Super Specialist, New Medical Expert. Till then, take care, good health is our promise.

how to remove dandruff

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