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Causes of Hair Loss – And What You Can Do About It

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Hair fall is one such problem that every person struggles with at some point of time. Today in this blog we will know the main causes of hair fall and how to prevent it. Dr. Swapnanjali Awhad from Nashik answers all our questions. Dr. Sandesh Pawar is a Hair Transplant Surgeon and Founder of Shine Clinic, Mumbai.


Dr. Sandesh Pawar

Hospital / ClinicShine Clinic, Mumbai
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GMoney Anchor - Welcome to GMoney Health Show, I am Neha Bajaj and in our show we introduce you to medical experts so that you can get the right advice, right opinion and you can avoid many health problems and today we are talking about hair fall. If hair starts falling or patches appear, then somewhere there is a lot of difference in both our personality and confidence. Joining us on GMoney Health Show is Dr. Sandesh Yashwant Pawar who is a renowned Hair Transplant Surgeon, practising since last 8 years and founder of Shine Clinic. Dr. Sandesh Welcome to GMoney Health Show.

Dr. Sandesh PawarThank you very much.


GMoney Anchor- So Dr. Sandeep, our show today is on hair fall and says that there is no solution to any problem, if we want a solution to the problem, then we have to know its root cause.

Dr. Sandesh Pawar If you see, hair loss is maximum in the young generation, whose age is now 18+. People’s working habit, stress and because they are the main root cause. Alopecia is more common in males, due to which hair fall occurs in men.

GMoney Anchor - The problem of hair fall in girls and boys or shall I say, there is a pattern, are they different? What are the types of bold patches?

Dr. Sandesh Pawar There are different types of hair fall. There is a male pattern and the female pattern is androgen alopecia, in which hair loss starts from the side. And the cover starts disappearing completely in the crown, so if you look at any bald person, the hair on his side and back never goes away. Only the hair from the front to the crown goes. We call it androgenic allocation and male pattern baldness, it has different different types and different grades – grade one, grade two.

hairfall solution

GMoney Anchor - So Dr. Sandesh Just so you told us about male pattern baldness? And infact girls too. This problem is also seen in ladies and their confidence is also affected a lot. So what are the types of boldness or types of hair fall in women, please tell about them?

Dr. Sandesh PawarRemains almost the same in women and men. Women’s hair goes towards the partition. Post pregnancy there are many hormonal changes. Because of that female start losing hair. Mostly due to anemia. Means hair loss also occurs due to lack of blood and

Second also because of nutrition. It also happens due to stress and tension.

GMoney Anchor - Means lack of blood is a major reason for hair fall, and doctor, now we are getting to know about the problems from you. Tell about some treatment, what treatment is available? And the genetic hair loss, can that also be reversed?

Dr. Sandesh PawarIf it is in parents then it comes in your genes, we cannot reverse it, but we can repair it. Where you have baldness, transplant the side and corner hairs at that place, then those hairs can stay for some time i.e. minimum up to 25 years.

GMoney Anchor - So Dr. Pawar you just told us about the treatment that hair transplant is a good option. What other treatments are available if one does not want to have a transplant, as many girls do not? And are they effective and how long does it take? Because nowadays it is such that everyone wants instant results.

Dr. Sandesh PawarThe line of treatment depends on the cause of hair fall. If your hair loss is due to lack of nutrition or anemia is the reason for it, then if anemia is cured then you also start getting healthy. After taking medicine, if your hair loss is due to nutrition, then there is good improvement in that too.


GMoney Anchor - Does taking a multivitamin make hair stronger? And how long does it take for them to take effect?

Dr. Sandesh PawarThis is a complete cycle, and can go on for months. You can see results in as little as 4 – 6 months. It also includes PRP treatment.

GMoney Anchor - Ok, and Sir, now you have talked about the types of problems, now you tell me if there is any 24 year old boy or girl who does not have hair fall. But in the coming five or 10 years there may be a problem of hair fall. So how to protect, what should not be done so that hair fall does not happen?

Dr. Sandesh PawarSmoking, alcohol consumption should be reduced a little. The stress level should be maintained a little. One should eat nutritious food and drink enough water. A little exercise should be done, because of that it can save a lot from hair fall in the future.

GMoney Anchor - Yes and tell me what are some common mistakes that people do? Even at the time of treatment, due to which the treatment does not work or I have heard or read that girls make very tight braids. Can it cause hair loss?

Dr. Sandesh PawarMany times girls make their hair very tight, due to which the chances of hair loss increase. And due to combing too hard, there are chances of hair loss.

GMoney Anchor - So Dr. Pawar was taught in childhood to apply oil everyday. If you keep oil on it for 1 day and night, then hair fall will not happen. Is it a myth or is it true that by applying oil, hair does not fall if one applies regular oil. Is this a good solution?

Dr. Sandesh PawarOil is only there to maintain the temperature of your hair or your scalp. Your hair fall may not stop or even increase because of the oil.

It is only good for you to maintain the temperature and will be good for giving a little shine to your hair.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you so much Dr. Pawar, you joined our health show and you gave us so many good tips.

Dr. Sandesh PawarIf you have any query then you can visit the Shine Clinic.

GMoney Anchor - So this was Dr. Pawar who joined our show and he told us many tips. We have to stay away from chemical treatment and take a good diet along with it. Have to drink four liters of water and if there is a deficiency of blood, then definitely get it treated. So with this I take leave of you. Don't forget to subscribe to our Facebook, YouTube page. See you in a new episode with a new expert, till then take care of your health.

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