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Cervical Pain: Types, Causes and Treatment

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Dr Deepak Baisoya

Hospital / Clinic

Consultant Physiotherapist

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GMoney Anchor - Welcome to the GMoney Health Show with me, Neha Bajaj! In today's video, we're bringing you insights from our super specialists and medical experts. We have Dr. Deepak Basoya, a Consultant Physiotherapist practicing at Basoya Ortho and Fine Clinic.

Dr Deepak Baisoya Thank you for having me.

cervical pain in hindi

GMoney Anchor - Many of our viewers are experiencing cervical pain, especially those who are working from home and spending long hours on their laptops. Could you enlighten us on this issue?

Dr Deepak Baisoya Cervical pain, often referred to as mechanical pain, arises from poor body posture due to prolonged forward neck positioning or excessive laptop usage. It can also be attributed to internal issues such as intervertebral disc compression or postural stiffness.

GMoney Anchor - How is cervical pain diagnosed, and is there any correlation with pregnancy?

Dr Deepak Baisoya Diagnosis typically involves a physical examination, including palpation and observation, to identify any injuries or underlying issues. While cervical pain isn’t directly linked to pregnancy, hormonal changes and mechanical factors can exacerbate it.

GMoney Anchor - How effective is physiotherapy in managing cervical pain?

Dr Deepak Baisoya Physiotherapy is highly effective in managing cervical pain. Regular sessions help alleviate symptoms, and maintenance sessions may be necessary. Strengthening exercises are crucial for addressing muscular weaknesses and providing long-term relief.

GMoney Anchor - That's insightful. Could you share some do's and don'ts for our viewers dealing with cervical pain?

Dr Deepak Baisoya Of course. Viewers should avoid prolonged use of electronic devices and incorporate regular cervical strengthening exercises into their routines. Maintaining proper posture is essential for both prevention and management of cervical pain.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you, Dr. Deepak, for those valuable insights. Our viewers can benefit greatly from incorporating these tips into their daily lives. That wraps up today's segment. Stay tuned for more health tips in our next episode of the GMoney Health Show. Bye for now!

cervical pain in hindi

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