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What is rhinoplasty or nose surgery? Know its advantages and disadvantages

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Dr. Shruti Handa

Hospital / Clinic

Handa Aesthetics and Plastics, New Delhi

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GMoney Anchor - Today, we have Dr. Shruti Honda, an AIMS Delhi graduate and a plastic surgeon. She has 12 years of experience and is currently practicing as a director at Hunter Aesthetic Standard Plastics in Delhi. Hello, Madam. Welcome to our show.

Dr. Shruti Handa – Thank you.

rhinoplasty in hindi

GMoney Anchor - Ma'am, first of all, I would like to ask, what is rhinoplasty? And how is it done? Could you please give me a basic explanation?

Dr. Shruti Handa – Rhinoplasty is basically a nose surgery, a surgery for the nose. It is done for two reasons either someone doesn’t like the shape, or someone has difficulty breathing because the nose is blocked from inside due to some injury.

GMoney Anchor - Okay. And, ma'am, since hearing the name surgery makes it sound like there might be risks, is it safe in the long term? Are there any complications?

Dr. Shruti Handa – Rhinoplasty is absolutely safe. Before performing any surgery, we conduct basic blood tests, X-rays, ECGs, and assess the patient’s fitness. If the candidate is fit, we proceed with the surgery. These are safe surgeries and don’t pose any life-threatening risks.

GMoney Anchor - And, ma'am, is there any age limit for it? Can it only be performed after a certain age?

Dr. Shruti Handa – There is no strict age limit for rhinoplasty. For cosmetic rhinoplasty, we generally recommend it for individuals above 18. However, we have also performed rhinoplasty on older individuals, like 50 or 55 years old, who have breathing difficulties due to a blocked nose. It can be done based on fitness tests and the patient’s overall health.

GMoney Anchor - Okay, very well explained. Ma'am, what about the recovery time after the surgery? How long does it take?

Dr. Shruti Handa – The recovery is not lengthy. Patients usually stay for one day. The surgery is performed in the morning, and they are discharged the next day with a small plaster on their nose, resembling a tiny cast. This is worn for about ten days. It’s not a painful surgery, and people can start working from home after two to three days. We recommend taking 10 days off for recovery.

GMoney Anchor - Okay, and ma'am, are there any precautionary measures to be taken after the surgery? Any specific care?

Dr. Shruti Handa – After the surgery, patients are prescribed antibiotics and painkillers for five days. For the next two weeks, a soft diet is recommended – foods like khichdi, daliya, and soup. It’s advised to avoid hard or spicy foods. Patients are also encouraged to maintain a comfortable environment, avoiding extremes in temperature. These precautions are necessary for about three to four weeks, and afterward, patients can gradually resume their normal routine.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you so much, ma'am. For taking the time out of your busy schedule for our GMoney Health Show. The entire team appreciates it.

rhinoplasty in hindi

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