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What Takes Place If a Hernia Is Left Untreated?

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Hernia is a disease in which any part of the body becomes larger than its normal size, then it is clearly visible outside the body, it is called hernia in medical language. Let us know about hernia in this blog. Dr. Amit Motwani is answering all our questions.


Dr. Gunjan Dodwani

Hospital / Clinic

Chief Surgeon, Gungeet Hospital and Polyclinic, Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra

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GMoney Anchor - I am Neha Bajaj. A very warm welcome to all of you. In today's video we have Dr. Gunjan Dudhwani who is a laparoscopic surgeon practising since 10 years and is the chief surgeon at Gungeet Hospital & Polyclinic, which is located in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra. You are very welcome, Dr. Gunjan.

Dr. Gunjan Dodwani – Thank you.

GMoney Anchor - So Doctor Gunjan, today we are going to talk about Hernia. One who is suffering from the disease only understands how much pain he has, so please tell and explain to all our viewers what hernia is and how many types there are.

hiatus hernia meaning in hindi

Dr. Gunjan Dodwani – When any part of the body becomes larger than its normal size, it is clearly visible and it seems to be bulging  outside the body, this is Hernia in medical language. There are different types of hernia such as at the navel or in the lower abdomen. There is another type which we call incisional hernia. Where some abdominal operation has been done before, then it can come again at that place. The belly fat starts coming out, it starts coming up and it automatically goes down when pressed or when you sleep.

GMoney Anchor - Ok sir, as you said, what is the reason for this? What is the main reason for this?

Dr. Gunjan Dodwani Abdominal pressure rises quickly and subsides on its own. The fat that is there starts coming out. Many people have a cough, which continues for a long time, due to which the upper flesh, the muscles of the stomach become weak. There are some patients who have constipation. There are chances of hernia.

GMoney Anchor - In which age group is the problem of hernia commonly seen?

Dr. Gunjan Dodwani It is more visible in people who are above 45 years of age.

GMoney Anchor - Which type of hernia is the most common?

hernia meaning in hindi

Dr. Gunjan Dodwani The most common type is in the lower part of the abdomen. It is more in males, it is less in females. Many times post pregnancy women have chances of getting Hernia because the abdominal muscles get stretched to a great extent and then they become normal with exercise and again and again the abdominal muscles which are due to repeated pregnancy, becomes weak.

So women and men have different chances. There would be different reasons.

First of all, there is a problem of cramps where the patient is getting a lump at that place. Some patients also start having pain in that lump. Whenever you have pain or whenever you start vomiting and that lump does not go down, consult your doctor immediately.

GMoney Anchor - Ok sir, what are the other symptoms that hernia patients feel?

Dr. Gunjan Dodwani If it happens that you are vomiting again and again and you are not passing motion. In all other patients, you feel only pain and feel the second lump, apart from this nothing else happens.

GMoney Anchor - Ok sir, now you tell me that when patients come to you and tell you these symptoms, then how do you know that there is a hernia?

Dr. Gunjan Dodwani To test for hernia, clinical examination is often correct and if it is to be confirmed, everything is understood in abdominal sonography. In some cases we may need to do a CT scan.

GMoney Anchor - Many people do not have this information or the information is incomplete. So, which doctor should one consult if one is suffering from hernia?

hernia in hindi

Dr. Gunjan Dodwani You should consult a general surgeon. So this operation can be done in two ways, in which one we do through binoculars.

GMoney Anchor - If there is a complaint of hernia, then tell us about the treatment in a little detail, tell in detail that when should a hernia patient come to you, what is the treatment, how long does it last and is it completely curable?

Dr. Gunjan Dodwani You have asked a very good question, I can cure this hernia completely. There are not even that many chances of coming in this again. Well, the second thing is that there are two options, one is open surgery, which we call surgery with stitches in Hindi or in simple language, we stitch the flesh which has become weak and put a net over it and then after that we close it by operation.

GMoney Anchor - Is hernia treatment possible without surgery?

Dr. Gunjan Dodwani No, it is treated only by operation. There is another way when we do an operation, that is laparoscopy surgery. These days we also call it laser surgery or binocular surgery. All surgeries can be done, its advantage is that the pain is less for the patient. He gets discharged soon and he does not have much trouble.

GMoney Anchor - Ok and sir, after this surgery can the patient lead a normal life?

Dr. Gunjan Dodwani Whatever may be the disease, but if it is treated properly, shown to the right doctor, then it can definitely be cured.

GMoney Anchor - On behalf of the team, we would like to say thank you, thank you for taking out your valuable time and connecting with us.

GMoney Anchor - These were the doctors who told us about hernia and its treatment. Do share your feedback and if you want to see discussion on any other topic then also tell us. With this I Neha Bajaj takes permission from you, we will meet in a new episode. Till then take care of your health, stay healthy, stay cool.

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