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Inflammation in Bones: Learn Its Symptoms and Prevention

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Dr. Harish Sharma

Hospital / Clinic

V Care Multispecialty Hospital, Ghaziabad

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GMoney Anchor - What is Bone Inflammation?

Dr. Harish Sharma – There isn’t a specific entity called ‘Inflammation of Bones.’ It’s essentially either joint inflammation or inflammation of the soft tissues surrounding the bone. Swelling in the bone is referred to as bone inflammation.

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GMoney Anchor - Alright, if I inquire about the causes of this condition, what would you say?

Dr. Harish Sharma – Two or three reasons are important. Either an injury occurs, there’s trauma, which can lead to inflammation. Infections can also happen, and in many cases, conditions like arthritis, which you refer to as ‘gathiya,’ can lead to infections in the joints and bones.

GMoney Anchor - And, if I ask you about the symptoms? How does the body manifest them?

Dr. Harish Sharma – Basically, the symptoms depend on the underlying cause you asked about. If there are symptoms of inflammation, there are three things – red, hot, and tender. Meaning, there will be redness, heat, and the area will be painful. These are the three causes of inflammation. If it’s due to an injury, there will be injury marks. If it’s due to inflammation, other joints might also be involved because big joints like the shoulder and elbow get affected. If it’s due to an infection, the patient will likely have a fever.

GMoney Anchor - Can this be permanently cured?

Dr. Harish Sharma – Yes, it can be permanently cured, but it depends on the cause and the extent of the damage. If it’s due to an injury, it will heal once the injury recovers. If it’s due to an infection, once the infection is treated, it will heal. If it’s due to arthritis, it depends on the type of arthritis. There are many types of arthritis, and if uric acid levels increase, it can lead to arthritis. So, it depends on the patient’s condition and the cause of the disease. Recovery is possible in most cases, but some complications may persist.

GMoney Anchor - Alright? My final question for you would be any tips you'd like to share with us, like any food items that promote bone health?

Dr. Harish Sharma – The tip would be to follow a healthy diet. Number one, regularly engage in exercise and yoga to focus on your fitness. Also, avoid habits like smoking, excessive alcohol intake, and certain medications that can weaken your immune system. These need to be avoided.

GMoney Anchor - Right, thank you so much, Doctor. You took time out of your busy schedule for us, and the entire team of Gmoney Health Show wants to express their gratitude.

Dr. Harish Sharma – Thank you.

GMoney Anchor - So, these were our questions with the doctor. If you have any questions, feel free to write them in the comments section. We'll meet you in the next episode. Until then, take care because good health is our promise.

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