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Thyroid: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

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Dr. Viral Gajjar

Hospital / Clinic

Darsh Orthocare Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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GMoney Anchor - Sir, my first question to you would be, what are the early signs or symptoms of thyroid issues?

Dr. Viral GajjarI have observed that many females, in particular, suffer from thyroid diseases. While some may be asymptomatic, others exhibit various symptoms. These symptoms may include excessive fatigue, hair loss, constipation, and brittle nails. They may also experience throat dryness. These are the most common symptoms we observe in people with thyroid disease.

thyroid symptoms in hindi

GMoney Anchor - Right, and if I delve into the causes of this, why do people develop thyroid issues?

Dr. Viral Gajjar – There are multiple factors to consider, and it’s a multifactorial issue. When we evaluate the data, we find that thyroid issues are nine times more common in females compared to males. However, thyroid problems can affect men as well. Some of the reasons behind this include excessive iodine intake, which is prevalent due to the mandatory iodization of table salt. Interestingly, over-iodination can lead to negative feedback, contributing to the problem. Lack of iodine in salt, as well as genetic factors, can also lead to thyroid issues. Sometimes, post-viral infections are linked to thyroid problems. It can be challenging to pinpoint the exact cause in each case. Certain dietary factors, like excessive consumption of cabbage, can also be associated with thyroid problems.

GMoney Anchor - And, Sir, for those who have thyroid issues, are there any specific dietary recommendations you can make?

Dr. Viral Gajjar – In terms of diet, it’s essential to maintain a healthy one. But the most critical aspect is to have proper TSH (Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone) levels monitored. The thyroid levels should be kept within the ideal range. Whether you have hyperthyroid or hypothyroid issues, maintaining the right levels of thyroxine is crucial. Monitoring your thyroid levels is vital because it directly affects your energy levels, and hypothyroidism can result in reduced overall energy.

GMoney Anchor - Do people with thyroid issues often experience depression or have an increased risk of unusual weight gain?

Dr. Viral Gajjar – Yes, there is a correlation between thyroid issues and depression. While depression may develop after an extended period, it’s more common in individuals with hypothyroidism. Hypothyroid patients tend to gain weight, as thyroid hormone significantly affects the body’s metabolic rate. Hyperthyroid patients, on the other hand, are usually underweight, as their metabolic rate is exceptionally high.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor, for our viewers, if you could provide one tip, what would it be?

Dr. Viral Gajjar – The key to a healthy life is to ensure you get sufficient sleep, pay attention to your diet, and engage in regular exercise. If you prioritize these three aspects, your life is likely to be healthier. Stress should be minimized, and a balanced, healthy lifestyle is crucial. That’s what I would suggest.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you very much, Doctor, for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us on the GMoney Health show. On behalf of the entire team, we'd like to express our gratitude.

Dr. Viral Gajjar – Best of luck.

GMoney Anchor - Yes, so these are the doctors who have provided us with valuable information about thyroid.

thyroid symptoms in hindi

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