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Does your child have gum disease?

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Dr. Kushal B

Hospital / Clinic

Kushi Dental Care, Bengaluru.

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If we take care of children’s teeth right from the beginning, then there will be no problem in the future. If not taken care of, there can be many diseases related to the gums. In this blog, learn how to take care of the oral hygiene of children.

GMoney Anchor - Welcome to the GMoney Health Show, and in every show we introduce you to super specialists and medical experts. Today's super specialist joins us, Dr. Kushal B Practicing since last eight years and Director Khushi Dental Care A very warm welcome to you, Dr. Kushal, in Bengaluru Karnataka. We are going to talk about gum diseases. My first question is, How do children get gum problems?

gum disease

Dr. Kushal B Just as it is understood in adults, the gums of children also turn a little red. Some food remains frozen. Bleeding may occur while brushing. All these troubles happen.

GMoney Anchor - What causes gum pain in children?

Dr. Kushal B – Gum disease is not the only reason for poor oral health. Not having a good diet also causes problems.

Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, etc. are needed to keep the gums healthy. Lack of nutrients in the body can cause gum disease.

GMoney Anchor - The doctor explained it to us very well. Well, tell me whether gingivitis is contagious. If one child has a problem, can he transfer gingivitis to the other child as well?

Dr. Kushal B This is a bacterial infection that can spread in some cases.

The pH of saliva becomes acidic. It happens when children eat each other’s food. If you already have it in your mouth, it can spread from one side to the other.

GMoney Anchor - So sir, what happens in Gingivitis? Does it have a cavity?

Dr. Kushal B The child has bad breath. Teeth become sensitive to cold food. There will be pain even while chewing food. Gums become red and may bleed while brushing.

GMoney Anchor - Ok good sir, if a 3 year old child has Gingivitis, how does it start?

gum treatment

Dr. Kushal B Teeth cleaning is also important, like regular flossing. All children are afraid of going to the dentist. But don’t let fear sit in their minds. For the treatment of gingivitis, consult a periodontitis specialist. Plaque is removed with the help of medicines, and scaling and root planing are also done. Eat foods rich in Vitamin-C for the strength of the gums.

GMoney Anchor - Have a dental tip you'd like to share?

Dr. Kushal B Be sure to rinse your mouth after eating anything, especially after drinking tea and coffee, so that bacteria do not collect in the mouth. Make it a habit to brush twice a day.

GMoney Anchor - So this was Dr. Kushal, who said that oral hygiene is very important for children as well. Today's tips will be very useful for you, I will meet you in the new video. There will be a new super specialist, a medical expert, and more new tips. Do share your feedback. Take care of your health, be healthy, and be cool. And keep watching the GMoney Health Show, Good health is our promise.

gum problem

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