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How to recognize the symptoms of Appendicitis

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Appendix is such a part of the body, which is of no use, but sometimes it becomes an increased problem. Today in this blog, we will know the ’cause of appendicitis and how it is treated’. Is surgery necessary or can it be cured with medicine?


Doctor Manoj Nagvekar is with us, letting us know the important things related to appendicitis.


Dr. Manoj Nagvekar

Hospital / Clinic

Priyanka Hospital, Mumbai

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GMoney Anchor - Welcome to GMoney Health Show. The expert joining us today is Dr. Manoj Nagvekar who is a General and Laparoscopic Surgeon. The director is Priyanka Hospital in Mumbai, Sakinaka. So Dr. Manoj, you are very welcome. Doctor, I had read that pain on the right side of the abdomen can also be a symptom of appendicitis, so tell all of our viewers what is appendicitis and what are its initial symptoms.

acute appendicitis

Dr. Manoj Nagvekar – Appendicitis causes pain inside the abdomen. There may be fever, there may be some symptoms like vomiting.

GMoney Anchor - So sir tell me one thing, what is the difference between normal abdominal pain and appendicitis pain?

Dr. Manoj Nagvekar – There can be other reasons for pain in the right side of the abdomen. For example, there could be a stone on the right side. Before meeting with the surgeon to conclude what is it, we do ultrasonography to differentiate it. Sometimes pregnancy can happen. Firstly, by doing simple sonography, we can come to know many problems.

It is very important that if you are suffering from stomach pain, then you should not take medicines again and again. Consult an expert directly, consult a surgeon and get a sonography done.

GMoney Anchor - So doctor has made it very clear that it is very important to rule out the reason. Right Doctor?

Dr. Manoj Nagvekar – Sometimes it happens that the infection increases so much that the appendix swells and bursts. If the appendix bursts inside the body and spreads, then life can also be in danger. That’s why the doctor’s advice should also be listened to very carefully and should be followed.

GMoney Anchor - You are absolutely right. So doctor, can appendicitis be treated by giving normal medicines? And if it is removed through surgery, does it make any difference to our overall system?

subacute appendicitis

Dr. Manoj Nagvekar – Appendicitis is a part of the body that does not cause any pain. But once that tissue is damaged, it is removed and there is no problem with it.

Once the appendix is removed, there is no problem. If there is an infection in the appendix, then it is necessary to remove it, otherwise, there can be a lot of trouble.

GMoney Anchor - Can the appendix problem happen again?

Dr. Manoj Nagvekar It is not so because once the complete appendix is removed, there is no possibility of it coming back.

GMoney Anchor - This problem of appendicitis, is it hereditary or is it seen in any age group?

Dr. Manoj Nagvekar – The problem of appendix can happen to anyone, but it has been seen that it is more common in young children, such as the age group of 9 years to about 30 years, and among these, men are more likely to get infected.

GMoney Anchor - What can happen if someone has appendicitis and is not treated on time?

Dr. Manoj Nagvekar – Sometimes antibiotic medicine also cures, but many times it happens that the infection becomes so much that the appendix bursts, and due to bursting the infection can spread to the stomach.

GMoney Anchor - Ok so appendicitis can be dangerous too. Dr. Manoj gave a lot of information, thank you so much. Doctor Manoj, thank you very much for joining us on our show. Any one tip or piece of advice you would like to give them?

Dr. Manoj Nagvekar – Eat well, and exercise. Pay attention to eating and drinking. Have a healthy diet.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor Manoj, you joined us on our show and gave expert advice to everyone, thank you so much.

Dr. Manoj Nagvekar – Thank you so much.

GMoney Anchor - So this is Dr. Manoj who told us how much trouble the appendix can give. And with that, we take your permission to meet the new super specialist in the next episode.

what is appendicitis

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