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Squint Eye Treatment, Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment

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Dr. Saurabh Singh

Hospital / Clinic

Accura Eye Care, Delhi

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GMoney Anchor - My first question to you, Doctor, would be: What are the causes of uneven pupils, and what does it signify?

Dr. Saurabh Singh – Well, our eyes act as a camera for our body, much like a camera has a shutter lens and an aperture to control the focus point. In our eyes, pupils are what regulate the amount of light entering. Usually, a normal pupil size ranges from 2 to 4 millimeters. If the pupils in both eyes aren’t the same size and the difference is more than one millimeter, this condition is called anisocoria. It’s important to note that approximately 20% of the population naturally has some degree of anisocoria, which is considered normal.

squint eye meaning in hindi

Dr. Saurabh Singh – So, if there is a one-millimeter difference, as long as it’s within a reasonable range (0.8 millimeters or less), it’s often considered normal or physiological. However, when the difference is more than that, it may indicate a potential issue, and it’s essential to consult your ophthalmologist or neurologist for evaluation.

GMoney Anchor - Is it a common issue, Doctor?

Dr. Saurabh Singh – I mentioned that roughly 20% of the population may have some form of anisocoria, which is often normal. The remaining 80% may have anisocoria as well, which could indicate an underlying systemic or neurological problem. Therefore, it’s crucial to evaluate and seek professional advice from a healthcare specialist.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor, along with uneven pupils, can it also lead to blurred vision or double vision? Are there such associated problems?

Dr. Saurabh Singh – Yes, quite often, patients come to us with associated symptoms such as photosensitivity, severe headaches, or difficulty in accommodating to various light levels. These symptoms can result from anisocoria. When we examine patients who present with sudden onset of these symptoms or unexplained weakness in a limb or signs of a neurological issue, we suspect anisocoria. In such cases, the difference in pupil sizes can impact vision and even lead to double vision.

GMoney Anchor - Can it potentially cause blindness if left untreated for an extended period?

Dr. Saurabh Singh – While it is not common for anisocoria to directly cause blindness, it can be a sign of serious underlying issues. Anisocoria can be associated with various conditions, such as brain tumors, strokes, or orbital masses. It can also be related to the autonomic nervous system, which regulates essential bodily functions. So, while anisocoria itself may not lead to blindness, it should be taken seriously and evaluated for any underlying causes. Diagnostic tests, such as MRI, may be necessary to identify and address the root of the issue.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor, if we talk about the line of treatment, what are the basic ways to treat anisocoria?

Dr. Saurabh Singh – The treatment for anisocoria can vary significantly depending on the underlying cause. It’s a broad field, as I mentioned earlier. It involves addressing the specific medical condition that’s causing the unequal pupil sizes. For instance, if it’s associated with a stroke, the course of treatment will differ from that of other conditions. The key is to identify and address the primary issue that’s responsible for anisocoria.

GMoney Anchor - Lastly, Doctor, if you could provide a tip for our viewers and me regarding anisocoria, what would it be?

Dr. Saurabh Singh – If you suspect anisocoria or experience any symptoms related to it, it’s essential to consult an ophthalmologist or a neurologist for a professional evaluation. Avoid relying solely on online sources like Google. While a one-millimeter difference in pupil size can be normal for some people, it’s crucial not to take chances with your health, as the remaining 80% may have underlying issues. Seek expert guidance and assessment.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you very much, Doctor, for taking the time out of your busy schedule for our health show. We appreciate it.

Dr. Saurabh Singh – You’re welcome, Meenakshi. Thank you for having me on the show.

squint eye meaning in hindi

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