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Be careful if you have a habit of smoking cigarettes [Side Effects of Smoking]

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It is very difficult to get rid of any habit. Even if we know all the consequences, the habit does not go away easily. In today’s blog, we will discuss such habits and also talk about the diseases born out of them. Joining us today on GMoney Health Show is Dr. Rohan Raut, who is a Maxillofacial Surgeon, practising since last 7 years, and is the Director of Pravara Specialty Dental Clinic Kolhapur.


Dr. Rohan Raut

Hospital / ClinicPravara Speciality Dental Clinic & implant Centre, Kolhapur
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GMoney Anchor - Dr Rohan. We very much welcome you.

Dr. Rohan RautThank you.

stop smoking

GMoney Anchor- Doctor, there are some habits that take the form of diseases; one of the biggest diseases is oral cancer, which has gripped many people in India. Doctor, tell me something about what oral cancer is and what causes it.

Dr. Rohan Raut Cancer has become very common in India. The main reason for this is cigarettes. There are many diseases caused by the consumption of tobacco which ruins not only a person but an entire family. Everything is a problem psychologically.

If anyone has a habit, leave it because it is not good for your health, it is also not good for your family.

GMoney Anchor - You are absolutely right. Well, if someone is having oral cancer, it is in the first stage, then what are its signs and symptoms or initial symptoms?

Dr. Rohan Raut The initial symptom inside the mouth is that there is a burning sensation in the mouth.

Can’t eat anything properly. There are mouth ulcers, but we ignore them after seeing them. If a blister is present for more than a month, then definitely one should go to the doctor and get it checked, it should be treated. Secondly, whenever there is cancer in the mouth, its other symptoms are that a lump is formed in the throat or sometimes the teeth start loosening whenever it spreads in the jaw. Whenever cancer spreads to the jaw, the teeth also loosen, so these are all small things that people do not know. If this problem persists for more than a month, then go to the doctor and get it checked.

how to quit smoking

GMoney Anchor - You explained very well, so if you are seeing these symptoms, do not ignore it. And definitely see a doctor. Ok one more thing doctor if someone suspects that there is oral cancer, should he see a physician, dentist, or a maxillofacial surgeon for this?

Dr. Rohan RautFirst of all, go and show the doctor who is near you because after that the doctor will guide you well to whom you have to go. To whom not to go. Don’t think that a google search help you solve it.

GMoney Anchor - How many types of oral cancer are there and how do you come to the conclusion or know that it is oral cancer?

Dr. Rohan RautThere are three to four types of oral cancer. Squamous cell carcinoma is a type of oral cancer, which is found in our mouth. Biopsy should be done. We test by taking a small scarf, see what it is, exactly what type it is and what grade it has gone to, and we treat accordingly.

GMoney Anchor - Ok so here Dr. Rohan told us how the diagnosis is done. Well sir can it be completely cured and if yes then how is it treated? What is the duration of treatment?

Dr. Rohan RautDoes this happen according to the stage? If the patient comes early,  he or she can get well soon. When there remains an ulcer equal to the size of a moong grain, then patients ask how it will look later. The most important thing is that the diagnosis should be done first and it is also totally curable. Nowadays there are very advanced technologies, there is the surgical part or there is also radio, there is chemotherapy. Nowadays there are very good instruments. Before radiotherapy, the very old instruments used to cause problems. Patients used to have many side effects from chemotherapy, medicines, all of them have now reduced. Due to the latest advanced treatment, the treatment has become better.

quit smoking

GMoney Anchor - How long is the duration of its treatment? 6 months to 1 year or if the patient has to take medicines for the rest of his life.

Dr. Rohan RautIt depends on the level after surgery.

We sent it again for biopsy. Further treatments are decided based on his reports. It gets completed in three months, six months, but it may take a longer duration also.

GMoney Anchor - Family history has a very important role in every disease. If someone in the family has had cancer earlier, then the chances of getting it increase? You would like to give some tips to all the youngsters so that they do not get oral cancer. Yes, so what would that be?

Dr. Rohan RautAvoid Cigarette smoking as much as possible. Nicotex Tablets can help you get rid of the habit.

GMoney Anchor - Absolutely and thank you so much Dr. Rohan, you came on the GMoney Health show and you motivated everyone today. In fact, oral cancer affects the whole family. So thank you so much for coming to the GMoney Health Show. So this was Dr. Rohan, who told us that no matter how old the habit is, if it is bad, it has to be removed and in GMoney Health Show, we introduce you to super specialists and experts so that you get the right opinion and guidance. I will meet you in a new video with a new super specialist and medical expert. Keep watching our show because good health is our promise.

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