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Watery eyes while looking at the phone?

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Using a mobile phone for hours can be harmful to your eyes. Most people keep looking at the phone for a long time without blinking, due to which water can also start coming from the eyes suddenly. Nowadays, this problem has become common even in children. Let us know more about this from our medical expert, Dr. Meha.


Dr. Meha Dedhia

Hospital / Clinic

Ashtavinayaka Eye Care Center, Mumbai

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GMoney Anchor - One thing to do before watching the show, please like, share, and subscribe to our YouTube page. Today with me is Dr. Meha Dedhia who is an ophthalmologist and has 7 years of experience. Presently, she is the Director of the Ashtavinayak Center in Mumbai. So hello, doctor, and welcome.

Dr. Meha Dedhia – Hello.

reason for watery eyes

GMoney Anchor - Doctor, first of all, I want to ask you, what is the problem with watery eyes? What are the reasons for this?

Dr. Meha Dedhia – Watery eyes is the result of the production of water in the eyes. There are two main reasons for this. Either the eye itself is producing excess water. Even if there is a blockage somewhere, more water will be produced because the eye will not be able to absorb that water.

GMoney Anchor - Do people with weak eyesight get watery eyes?

Dr. Meha Dedhia – We can divide it into age groups, as it is also found in small children. Also occurs in children under 1 year of age. If the duct has not developed since childhood, then it may cause watery eyes. When we use too much screen (laptop, mobile, etc.), then the eyes start becoming dry.


With increasing age, the skin under the eyes starts becoming loose, due to which water also starts coming out. So there are many such reasons. An eye infection called conjunctivitis can also cause problems. Sometimes there may be watery eyes, even when there is a cold or cough. So dryness is a big reason for watery eyes. In dryness, the wave of your outer eye starts drying up, and the eye starts producing water.


So even if we use contact lenses for a long time, there are chances of getting watery eyes.

GMoney Anchor - OK, can people who are exposed to the sun's rays also have the problem of watery eyes?

Dr. Meha Dedhia – Yes, it is necessary to wear sunglasses whenever you go out.

GMoney Anchor - What are its symptoms?

Dr. Meha Dedhia- Feeling a prick. The eyes look tired, and sometimes they may even become red.

GMoney Anchor - What is its course of treatment?

Dr. Meha Dedhia – You have to get a proper checkup done, so that we can find the reason for your watery eyes. Like I said, if there is a blockage or some other reason, then it is important to fix it. Nowadays, everyone uses screens a lot. Keep in mind that we should not use the screen for more than one or two hours. 


The brightness or illumination of the screen should be kept medium, and the surrounding light should be bright. Many times we turn off the lights at night and watch TV and then go to sleep, so we do not have to do that. Whenever we are using the screen, the surrounding light should be bright, and the illumination of the screen should be low. Keep blinking your eyes.



Whenever we look at the screen very intently, our eyes should be kept closed for a while. So this dryness and watery eyes would also be reduced.

GMoney Anchor - My last question to you is if you have any tips or advice that you would like to share with all of us so that we can take better care of our eyes. So what tip will you give?

Dr. Meha Dedhia – Get an eye checkup done from time to time, and reduce screen time as much as possible. The fewer screens you look at, the better. If possible, watch on a big screen, the laptop is better than a mobile screen, and a TV screen is better than a laptop screen. Eat healthy food.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you very much. You took some time out of your busy schedule for GMoney Health Show. Our entire team would like to say thank you. Thank you. Health show is the medium that connects you directly with the doctors. If you have any questions in mind, you can write me in the comment section. I will come in with a new super specialist doctor, till then, take care of yourself because good health is our promise.

reason for watery eyes

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