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Be alert as soon as your baby’s first tooth appears! [Oral Health Care Tips]

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Children’s dental care should start at the right time. Don’t let them get scared of the dentist; make the dentist an essential part of your kid’s health. Today in this blog, we will learn how to take care of children’s teeth. Dr. Shailesh from Mumbai is answering all our questions.


Dr. Shailesh Dasari

Hospital / Clinic

Dr. Dasari’s Dental, Hair and Skin Clinic, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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GMoney Anchor - I am Neha Bajaj. A very warm welcome to all of you on the GMoney Health Show, and I am very happy to share that Dr. Shailesh, who is a dentist, as well as an oral health educator, is joining us in today's video. It is said that he is the founder of the Meri Hasi Meri Khushi Program, which is a school health program for children. You are most welcome, Doctor Shailesh.

Dr. Shailesh Dasari – Thank you so much.

oral hygiene tips and tricks

GMoney Anchor - First of all, tell us how important oral health is. How important is a child's dental checkup?

Dr. Shailesh Dasari – There is a lot of decay in the teeth of children. Sweet chocolates were not easily available to our parents. They did not eat sticky food, which is easily available to children today. Nowadays, parents themselves make their children addicted to chocolate or ice cream.

GMoney Anchor - Some parents think that if Milky teeth get damaged, then it will not matter because those teeth will break and new teeth are going to come in their place. That's why they don't pay much attention. What would you say about this?

Dr. Shailesh Dasari – It takes at least 10 to 12 years for children’s milk teeth to fall out. It is very important for us to take care of the teeth of children until that time because when the teeth start falling, the child cannot eat food properly. When the front seven teeth fall out, there is difficulty speaking. Sometimes it does not look good and, as a result, reduces the confidence of children. Children speak with their hands over their mouths, do not talk for a long time, or do not open their mouths at all. So for that reason, it is also necessary to take care of the baby’s milk teeth.

GMoney Anchor - You explained it very well to us. Well sir, is it true that if we do not pay attention to oral health since childhood, then later on, it leads to sensitivity?

Dr. Shailesh Dasari – If we teach good habits from the beginning, such as brushing twice a day, gargling after eating, or going to the dentist once every six months, then they will not have any fear of the dentist. They will not have cavities. Parents also start brushing twice, and your kids will also start brushing twice. Because children learn from their parents. Accordingly, if the parents also develop the habit of brushing their teeth twice, then there is no need to teach the children. They will definitely start following you.

GMoney Anchor - How can schools contribute to improving oral health?

Dr. Shailesh Dasari – As I said, those are the early years, when children are learning ABCD, where children are learning their building blocks of life, ‘kal homework kar aana hai, daily homework karna hai.’

Along with that, if the teacher also tells you that it is compulsory to brush your teeth at night, then it will be very beneficial. We feel that it is sufficient to brush our teeth in the morning but we should definitely take care of brushing at night as well.

GMoney Anchor - Well sir, we think that if milk teeth get damaged, there is nothing to worry about as they will eventually fall. What is the significance of Milky Tooth, according to you? What would you like to say to the parents?

Dr. Shailesh Dasari – When there is a problem in your kid’s tooth, we will check it properly, give it a small filling if required, and resolve it. But the parents don’t understand this thing. It is common to only go to the doctor when you have a cold or cough.


Why would you go to the doctor just like that? So today, I would like to give this suggestion to every parent or viewer through your show If we start treating the problem at the right time, then it is beneficial. Don’t let your children’s teeth turn bad. As a treatment, fluoride is used. A small amount of cement is also used to fill the small cracks. It helps in dealing with tooth decay. 


Indian parents are not so aware of oral health. That’s why I believe that maybe they don’t have experience with this thing.

GMoney Anchor - All the people who are currently watching this video must be feeling very good. Many habits can be improved that can improve oral health.

Dr. Shailesh Dasari – As I have said earlier about this thing, we should always be on the preventive front. A dental checkup should be done every six months. We do not pay attention to the problem of teeth, if there is heart disease, we will immediately go to the doctor, or if we gain weight, we will go to the gym for that. But if there is pain or any problem with the teeth, we will clean them by putting a stick inside them.  It is very useless to have the habit of self-medicating.

GMoney Anchor - You took valuable time from your busy schedule and also told us about your program. Thank you on behalf of the entire team at the GMoney Health Show. Join us on our show. Thank you so much. So this was Dr. Shailesh Dasari who gave us many tips. He told us that whatever good dental care habits are inculcated in children from childhood, they will remain there forever. You must have liked today's video. Let us know if you want to see discussion on any other topic. With this, I Neha Bajaj take permission from you. See you in an episode of the GMoney Health Show with the new super specialist. Good health is our promise.

oral hygiene tips and tricks

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