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What should the patient eat in jaundice? [Jaundice diet chart]

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Jaundice is a disease that requires proper treatment. It is very important for jaundice patients to follow a healthy diet so that their health can get better as soon as possible. In this blog, Dr. Anant Khangte gives important information related to jaundice.


Dr. Anant Khangte

Hospital / Clinic

Saraswati Dental Clinic, Mumbai

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GMoney Anchor - I, Neha Bajaj, welcome all of you very much, and before watching today's video, you have to do one thing, please subscribe to our channel. Joining us in today's video is Dr. Anant Khangte from Nashik, who has been practising for 10 years and is the Director of Khangte Children's Hospital in Nashik. A very warm welcome to the GMoney Health Show.

Dr. Anant Khangte – Hello, thank you so much.

GMoney Anchor- Mostly, I see that jaundice is seen a lot in children aged three to nine. First of all, tell all our viewers what jaundice is and why children suffer the most.

jaundice diet chart

Dr. Anant Khangte – It is important to know that jaundice is not a disease. OK, this could be a symptom of a disease. Our body contains bilirubin, which is considered a byproduct of blood. When the amount of bilirubin increases in the blood, we say that jaundice has occurred. Why does bilirubin increase? There can be many reasons for this, like the blood is getting worse, someone has blood cancer, or if a child has had a blood disease since childhood, then his metabolism is getting faster. Just like the RBCs in our blood have life. A child has an infection, that infection can be anything, like bacteria, viruses, or parasites. If we look at common things, if there is bacteria, then typhoid is the most common thing, Jaundice can happen after Typhoid. Viruses are the most common. Whatever these viruses or bacteria are, they attack the liver and obstruct its normal functioning. They attack the red blood cells as well.

GMoney Anchor - What are the symptoms that are often seen in children when they have jaundice?

Dr. Anant Khangte There are two things, firstly the symptoms that the child himself tells us, like maybe his stomach is hurting. Or he may feel like vomiting. Don’t feel like eating food; the child is not playing properly. The child is silent, eating less food and drinking less water, and his urine starts appearing yellow.

GMoney Anchor - Sir, how do you treat jaundice? Too often, people trust other things more than medicine. What would you like to say about that? Tell me how the treatment is going, how much bed rest is there, and when does the child recover completely?

Dr. Anant Khangte First of all, we have to know that the child really has jaundice.

There is a simple blood test for that. The more bilirubin, the bigger the problem. Ok, so we need to find the underlying cause of the child’s illness. Whatever measures are taken in our country, are all superstitions and should be abandoned. For example, in the beginning, if any child has had some infection, it will take 5 days for the fever to go away, but this jaundice takes time.

If it is five points, then maybe it will take 7 to 14 days, or maybe even more. You understand the point, if RBC is getting depleted, then that metabolism is on, so it will keep on increasing. If something has already happened, consider it five points.

jaundice diet

GMoney Anchor - So, sir, if I talk about jaundice, is the child completely on bed rest?

Dr. Anant Khangte If it becomes more serious, then it may be that you have to be admitted to the hospital.

GMoney Anchor - If I talk about jaundice, then what kind of diet should be recommended for children? What are the things you tell them to avoid? If that too, can you tell us?

Dr. Anant Khangte Yes, basically, a simple diet is the most important thing, like not eating oily things. Don’t eat too many fatty things. Food should be such that the child does not suffer any more.

GMoney Anchor - Can jaundice be fatal too?

Dr. Anant Khangte Yes, it can be fatal, of course it can. If the amount of bilirubin increases, then it can happen. If the child has jaundice, then the liver is affected. The liver and kidney both work perfectly together. If one does not work well, then there will be load on the other and then if the kidney is affected. it will affect the heart,multi organ failure might happen as a result. So the sooner we treat him, the better.

GMoney Anchor - You told us in great detail, broke many myths, it was great talking to you, took out valuable time for us from your busy schedule. Thank you.

Dr. Anant Khangte Thank you so much.

GMoney Anchor - So this was Dr. Anant, who told us about jaundice. If you see the sign symptoms in your child, see the doctor as soon as possible. Don't delay, as it can also lead to complications later. We will meet you in a new video of GMoney Health show, with a new super specialist, a new medical expert. Till then keep watching GMoney Health Show, Achhi Sehat Hamara Vaada.

jaundice diet plan

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