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What is IVF and how is it done? [IVF process]

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Today in this blog we will learn about IVF. Doctor Sarthak Bakshi from Delhi is here to answer our questions. Dr. Sarthak is the founder of Risa IVF Center.

DoctorDr. Saarthak Bakshi
Hospital / ClinicRisaa IVF Center, New Delhi
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GMoney Anchor - I welcome you to the GMoney Health Show, for any health related information, like share and subscribe to our YouTube page. Nowadays, many women are becoming mothers with the help of IVF treatments. Today we have Dr. Sarthak Bakshi with us, to explain the process in detail.

Dr. Saarthak Bakshi Thank you very much. It’s my pleasure to be a part of the GMoney Health Show.

ivf process step by step

GMoney Anchor - Nowadays infertility has increased a lot, what are the main reasons for this? Is our diet, our lifestyle also the reason for this?

Dr. Saarthak Bakshi Look, anyone can have infertility. Infertility can occur even if both the man and woman are healthy. It is a lifestyle related disorder. Nowadays there are things like smoking, alcohol, stress, anxiety, environment, chemicals etc. that are causing infertility. People think that infertility is only because of the woman, it is not so at all. Infertility is caused by men in 50% of cases and there are many other reasons. It is a couple’s problem that the woman is not the only reason.

GMoney Anchor - Sir, please tell me what is IVF? What is IVF in a normal language that we all can understand and who should go for IVF?

Dr. Saarthak Bakshi IVF is a simple fertility treatment. Usually IVF treatment is done, but for that we have to understand who needs it. Let us first define what is infertility? Any couple trying to have a baby for 1 year but pregnancy is not happening. 


If a woman is monitoring her cycle, which is the best fertility period which we call between 14 to 16 and now trying a lot, doing it since 1 year, but still not successful. If conception or pregnancy is not happening, then we say that you get your test done, tell the doctor. Then based on that diagnosis, we suggest what fertility treatment you need? It would be easy if it could be cured with some medicines.


One type of treatment is IUI. It is a form of treatment, if it doesn’t happen then IVF happens. So there are different types of treatments that we have to do with the first test. 

And as far as the matter of IVF is concerned, because now it has become such a common word, in the clean simple English terminology of IVF, which is called test tube baby, this term has become common. Test tube baby is a procedure which should be done inside the body and when it doesn’t happen, we do that in a laboratory. Now the laboratory is connected to the test tube.

While it has nothing to do with test tubes. The man’s sperm and the woman’s eggs, both of these are mixed inside the lab. These fuse automatically inside your body and when it is not able to be formed inside, then they fertilise by mixing both inside a laboratory and after fertilisation it is a very beautiful process. With the help of a microscope, we see at the cellular level how it grows and when it fertilises. After that, it becomes an embryo. Then we implant it back inside the woman.

ivf process

GMoney Anchor - You have explained the process very well to us. Can you tell what is the success rate of IVF? There are a lot of myths about this, I am sure a lot of viewers would like to know about this thing, so what would you say Doctor?

Dr. Saarthak BakshiYou have asked the very right question because many people live in misconception or go in wrong marketing that IVF is 100% guaranteed. There is no such guarantee. There is no IVF centre in the world. I want to say very clearly that leave aside India, no such centre in the whole world can say that IVF is 100% guaranteed. The embryo we make outside inside a laboratory, when we put it back inside the body, will be successful or not, there is no guarantee till date. Its success rate as we define it, which used to be 30% earlier. Nowadays it has come closer to 50%. Science is getting better, success rates are also getting better. There are many people, there are many patients whose three IVF cycles fail, four fail, five fail, there can be many reasons. Because success does not depend on any single factor.

There can be many factors, how strong is the endometrial lining? What is hormonal support? How mentally stable are you? So if someone tells you to just get IVF done, 100% success is guaranteed, then it is wrong.

GMoney Anchor - Well, one more thing, I had read in many articles whether IVF increases the chances of having twins, does it have any relation or not?

Dr. Saarthak BakshiYes, as I just explained to you, today if I put one embryo back inside the body, put two, put three, then we do not know which embryo will stick. It is possible that both or all three may be implanted. All the three plants will be completed, so because of this, if you see the twins are increasing. Because whoever does it, puts back two or three embryos and if you are lucky, you get a twin pregnancy. Sometimes triplets are also found and there are internal processes in a natural way. Means many things can happen.

GMoney Anchor - How is IVF pregnancy different from normal delivery or normal pregnancy?

Dr. Saarthak BakshiThere is no difference. Give As I said in the beginning of the show that the normal process which is happening is not possible, then you do it in the laboratory. A child gets his genes from his parents only. Everything you say, the genetic make-up of a human being is inherited from the parents. If you are taking a parent’s sperm and egg then 100% genetic makeup will be of your parents, their appearance, habits everything will be like parents. Habits have become different when they are growing up.


GMoney Anchor - Can there be some complications later on in life? Are there any side-effects in the long term?

Dr. Saarthak BakshiThe world’s first IVF happened in 1978. The name of the first successful baby who was born is Louis Brown, she herself is 44 years old today. They have also had children, so it is not to think that there will be any side-effects or there will be any change.

GMoney Anchor - Ok ok just one last question I would like to ask you that if the first child is from IVF then can the second be from normal pregnancy?

Dr. Saarthak BakshiI told you that there are hormonal changes in the body. But there are always exceptions. Sometimes what you are trying naturally becomes successful. There is a possibility of everything.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you so very much doctor, from your busy schedule, you took out valuable time, itn achhi achhi baatein humse ki itni achchhi karne mein kahungi main kiya kyaungi kiya thank you so very much.

Dr. Saarthak BakshiThank you, I hope I have been able to give some knowledge to the audience and if they have any other doubts then they can ask me.

GMoney Anchor - We have received very important information today. The aim of our show is to connect doctors directly with you. So if you have any question in your mind or if you want to say something about this show? You can write in comment box. Till then I bid you farewell, see you in the next episode with a new multi specialist doctor. Till then take care of yourself because good health is our promise.

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