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Are you troubled by pimples? How to take care of your skin?

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Dr. Faizan Kalekhan

Hospital / Clinic

Dr Prancjal’s Aesthetic Clinic, Mangalore, Karnataka

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GMoney Anchor - Do you know that milk and milk products can promote acne? I, Neha Bajaj, warmly welcome you all to the GMoney Health Show and in today's video, Dr. Faizan is joining us from Mangalore. A cosmetic dermatologist, he has been practicing for the last five years and works at Dr. Pranjal Aesthetic Clinic, located in Mangalore, Karnataka. Dr. Faizan Welcome You to the GMoney Health Show. Doctor, today we are going to talk about acne. Due to this, our face gets spoiled in some way or the other. Can you tell us what is teenage acne? And how to stop it?

Dr. Faizan Kalekhan – Most people do not pay attention due to which acne increases. If we try to prevent it at an early age, the problems it causes in the future can be reduced. If you get acne treated, consult a dermatologist. Take care of your skin.

home remedies for acne

GMoney Anchor - So Doctor Faizan, tell us what are the things that cause acne?

Dr. Faizan Kalekhan – Genetic component is one reason. Due to this pimples appear. There may also be hormonal problems. Apart from that, there are other factors which are completely under our control.

Dairy products, milk, and milk products should not be consumed in pimples.

According to this, if we control our food intake, if we spoil our face by applying creams, then there is a lot of problems. Do not put nails on your pimple.

GMoney Anchor - Okay Doctor Faizan, now we just want to know about those foods that increase acne and what foods can we avoid.

Dr. Faizan Kalekhan – See, the first thing is to reduce milk and milk products. Eat less sugar. Jaggery also has a high glycemic index. One should not eat too much oily food.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor, what is the difference between normal acne and fungal acne?

Dr. Faizan Kalekhan – Fungal acne is a type of infection in the hair follicles of your skin. It usually appears as small pimples that do not vary much in size or shape, often accompanied by itching. Do a patch test before applying any cream.

GMoney Anchor - One who has acne-prone skin should use face bleach or not? And if not then why not?

Dr. Faizan Kalekhan – One thing that happens is bleaching. After using chemicals on our skin Hair gets bleached and colored. This should not be done with acne. People think that if they apply moisturizer, pimples will increase. But nowadays there are many control moisturizers, moisturizers for dry skin, and moisturizers like sunscreen.

GMoney Anchor - Many people say that it is important to apply sunscreen, is this true?

Dr. Faizan Kalekhan – Yes, it is very important to apply sunscreen. Pimples occur due to UV rays.

GMoney Anchor - I Neha Bajaj would like to thank Dr. Faizan for taking out precious time from his busy schedule and joining us on GMoney Health Show, thank you doctor.

Dr. Faizan Kalekhan – Thank you .

GMoney Anchor - I hope you liked today's video. Please share your feedback. If you want to see a discussion on any other topic, you can also tell us. I Neha Bajaj take permission from you, let's meet the new super specialist. Take care of your health, stay healthy, stay happy, and keep watching GMoney Health Show. Good health is our promise.

home remedies for acne

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