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Vital Health Tips for Children: A Guide to Raising Happy and Healthy Kids

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The immune system of children under 7 years of age is weak. Children, especially young children, are susceptible to disease and are therefore exposed to many diseases. Let us know important things related to children’s health in this blog.


Dr. Harpreet Singh

Hospital / Clinic

Guru Nanak Hospital. Bhogpur, Punjab

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GMoney Anchor - I, Meenakshi, warmly welcome you all to the GMoney Health Show. You have to do this before watching the show. Please like, share, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. I am calling Dr. Harpreet Singh, who is practicing in Guru Nanak Hospital, which is located in Bhogpur. Hello Doctor.

Dr. Harpreet Singh – Yes madam, good morning. How are you?

health tips for children

GMoney Anchor - Sir, absolutely great. Sir, what are the common diseases that children suffer from?

Dr. Harpreet Singh – Yes, madam. Well, the normal infection that occurs in children is the flu. First of all, there is the cold, there are 200 types of viruses in the cold as well. There will be infections. We call this pneumonia. Sometimes we say that the child has caught a cold and has a runny nose. Children also suffer a lot from ear infections. This infection usually occurs in children. And yes, there is stomach upset, which we call gastroenteritis, which too is very common in children.

GMoney Anchor - You have explained well all the diseases that occur in children. Well, doctor, I would like to ask you why it happens that children catch diseases early. What is the reason for this?

Dr. Harpreet Singh – Yes Madam, actually, the immune system of children is weak, it is still in the developing stage, hence children catch infections quickly.

GMoney Anchor - Are there any diseases that affect only children?

Dr. Harpreet Singh – Yes madam, there are some flus, which we call colds. They are more prevalent in children only. Small children under 2 years of age have a lot of them.Stomach infection is referred to as stomach flu, and there are many such diseases, like tremors, which are related to fever. If there is a high fever in children, they get tremors, but these do not occur in adults.

GMoney Anchor - Okay, so doctor, as we are big people, we will tell you that we are feeling such a problem. What is the symptom? But if children are not able to tell properly, then what are those symptoms in them due to which we should immediately go to the doctor?

Dr. Harpreet Singh – Yes, if you feel that your child is not drinking milk properly. The mother comes to know that the child is not drinking milk properly or sleeping. The most important thing is that the child is not playing around.

So the best doctor is the mother. So that is the best sign to go to the doctor.

GMoney Anchor - Right, it is very good that you said that the mother understands whenever she feels that there is some problem with her child. Ok doctor, I read it somewhere. Please tell me how much is true, and how much is not. According to that article, pneumonia is the leading cause of death among children, so is this figure true? What would you like to say about it?

Dr. Harpreet Singh – Yes, madam, the main problem with pneumonia is that patients ignore it a lot. Some people think that the child has a cough. If the child has not drunk milk for three days and is not even sleeping, then people do not pay attention. When they come to know that the child is not well at all. Then they immediately ran to the hospital. Therefore, if you notice even a slight change in the child’s health, consult a doctor, because family members cannot do the tests that a doctor would do.

GMoney Anchor - Correct. If you wanted to give any tips on proper care of children, what would you say?

Dr. Harpreet Singh – A small child should be fed only mother’s milk. Pay full attention to the health of the child.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you so much, doctor. You took time out of your busy schedule for GMoney Health Show. The entire team would like to thank you wholeheartedly. This is Dr. Harpreet Singh who told us very good things related to children's health. Do write that I will come to the next show with a new super specialist doctor, till then, take care of yourself because good health is our promise.

health tips for children

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