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Why are small children wearing glasses? The real reason for weak eyes!

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Dr. Saman Garg

Hospital / Clinic

KG Eye Care Center, Patiala, Punjab

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GMoney Anchor - The first question you will ask is what are the reasons for weak eyesight in children?

Dr. Saman GargHello.

Children are required to wear glasses when their vision becomes weak. We can also call this refractive error in technical language. This is also of two types, one is myopia in which minus glasses are used and the other is hypermyopia, in which if the number of plus is given then either the number of minus or the number of plus will be given. So generally, wearing spectacles, i.e. refractive error, is the most common cause of low vision, and from what we see, the most common cause these days is children watching too much mobile, using laptops, watching TV, and using them in the wrong way. to do.

Watching TV while lying down, watching mobile, or watching mobile in the dark. Actually, looking at mobile devices too many leads to glasses and we can also tell the reason for this.

cause of eye problem

GMoney Anchor - If I talk about symptoms, children's eyesight becomes weak, and they see blur. Are there any other symptoms besides this?

Dr. Saman Garg – The most common symptom would be that the child would be unable to see the blackboard while sitting back and some children will squeeze their eyes if they can to correct this habit.

Squeezing the eyes and sitting back so as not to be able to see the blackboard or look at anything too close.

So all these are symptoms that the child needs glasses, and if he does not wear glasses, it will cause irritation in the eyes, watering, and headaches. We will see all these symptoms.

GMoney Anchor - The problem of low vision increases at night. Is there truth in this or is it just a myth?

Dr. Saman Garg – No, it is not that this problem will increase at night. So if you are wearing glasses, even if they are half size, then when you drive any vehicle in the evening, you will feel their effect more because at night we naturally need full, sharp vision. But it is not true that that symptom will come only at night. If glasses are needed, they will always be there from morning to evening.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor, how is it treated?

Dr. Saman Garg – See, there is a simple treatment for this problem of myopia, in which minus glasses are used.

If someone is suffering from spectacles, then our advice is to get checked by an eye specialist at least once every four or six months.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor, my last question to you would be, how should parents take care of their children's eyes?

Dr. Saman Garg – Do not allow children to use mobile too much. If the child’s mother uses the mobile all day, then we cannot expect the child not to use the mobile. So the parents will also have to take care and not watch the mobile or TV while lying on the bed or in the dark. Apart from this, eat antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E, which you get in carrots or mango in the summer. Milk also has Vitamin A. Apart from this, there are green vegetables. Have papaya or pomegranate, soak five almonds at night and eat them in the morning.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you so very much doctor, it was a pleasure talking to you. The entire team of GMoney Health Show wants to say thank you.

Dr. Saman Garg – Thank you.

GMoney Anchor - This doctor was with me who explained us very well how we can take care of our eyes. All these tips are very useful for you too. If you have any question left in your mind, you can write to me in the comment section. I will be coming in for the next show with a new super-specialist doctor. Until then, take care of yourself, because good health is our promise.

cause of eye problem

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