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How to clean your ears safely ? [Ear infection]

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The ear is such a part of the body, that people often do not have the right information about its care and cleanliness. In this blog, Dr. Amol Joshi gives answers to all the questions.  


Dr. Amol Joshi

Hospital / ClinicSanDeep ENT Hospital, Pune
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GMoney Anchor - It is said that people who are hard of hearing have a fight with everyone. I say that it doesn't matter if your ears are raw. Just don't have pain in the ear because it can become the root of big trouble, and today we will discuss it because on the GMoney Health Show we have Dr. Amol Joshi from Pune, who has been an ENT surgeon for the last 12 years. He is a well known name in Pune and is the director of Saideep ENT Hospital in Pune. You are most welcome.

Dr. Amol Joshi – Hi, thank you so much.

GMoney Anchor- Thank you so much, sir, and as I started today's show. Earache, which is very painful and we ignore it, will be discussed today. Tell us in a little detail why Otitis occurs, what causes it, and what the initial symptoms are.

ear infection in kids

Dr. Amol Joshi – Otitis, which is actually an infection of the ear, there can be many reasons for swelling. Understand that if there is a fungal infection in the ear, then it is also a type of Otitis. There are also cases of Otitis in which there is no infection, but theis be swelling or water accumulation in the ear. As I said, there are many reasons, and the main reasons can be two. You put something in the ear from outside; it got water while bathing; water did not go while swimming; or you put something from outside. The second one happens: you have a cold or an infection.

Now that the first symptom remains, swelling starts coming. The pen starts in the eardrum. It is difficult in cold weather because there are more chances of ear pain. In the beginning, it will come like thin water, then slowly it starts to turn yellow. Gradually, there is difficulty hearing as well.

GMoney Anchor - Well, the doctor told us about the earache. We hope our viewers have come to know many things of which they were not even aware. Now tell me, is it seen more in children? Even when I was young, I used to suffer a lot due to earache, and children are innocent and hence become more impatient. Often, parents also ignore this idea that no matter what happens, it will be alright. What is your opinion on this?

Dr. Amol Joshi Here, this thing is common among children; it may be more common among adults. It’s simple reason is that there is a connection inside to connect the nose and ear. If children have a little cold, even a little infection, then it can become the cause of ear pain. This tendency is not so prevalent in adults. Suppose 10 people have gotten a cold. So, hardly a person will have an ear problem. This figure can be up to 4-5 in children, so it is common in children. And there is a reason that it is common in children, just as you must have heard about tonsils in children; similarly, there is another tonsil behind the nose in the throat. If the tonsils are large in children, then it can cause ear infections.

ear infection

GMoney Anchor - Ok, and Dr. Joshi, did you explain why children have more ear pain? Now my question is that many times it is seen that now the child has pain in the ear, and the parents keep saying, "It is not a problem; you are getting delusional." They do not show the doctor; they say something or other and ignore it. They show the doctor late. Now you say that if it is not treated at the right time, can it take any serious form later?

Dr. Amol JoshiCorrect. Sometimes they become painful, even for very simple reasons. If there is a little wax. That’s pretty hard. When the child put something in the ear, it entered inside. Even that becomes a pain.

One problem in the ear is that the oil is very light in serious diseases of the ear.

There is a need to understand that the whole brain is very close to your ear; there is brain behind the ear as well, and there is brain in the upper part as well. That is why, if a child complains of pain for more than 2 – 3 days, even if the pain is not very sharp, or mild, you must pay attention to it.

GMoney Anchor - You are absolutely right, and if your child is complaining that he is having pain in his ear, even if it is minor, don't ignore it. Do get yourself checked by your nearest ENT specialist or ENT surgeon. Now for the treatment, you also tell us in which way the treatment is done, is the treatment of children different from the treatment of elders, and for how long it has to be taken?

Dr. Amol JoshiIn general, the majority of the treatment for this Otitis is medical, so what is included in the medical treatment? If someone has a fungal infection, there are some different anti-fungal drops for that. Suppose someone has got an infection and he keeps on putting drops, then the ear will get worse. There is a small procedure for that. Sometimes,  if you take medicines for three to four weeks, you take a course of antibiotics, etc. for three weeks, but still, if it is not going. So it becomes a surgical case.

Imagine that there is a hole in someone’s curtain. The role of surgical treatment comes into play here. If you have a problem even after two to three weeks, then simple tests are done. An endoscopy is done. Good. So, if we actually see all these tests, they are very cheap but very useful. You can diagnose ear diseases very well, so instead of ignoring them, it is better to go to an ear surgeon near you. Show them your ears. If they recommend some tests, do them and get the treatment done.

GMoney Anchor - Definitely sir. You also told us all the things here, and now I want to know from you that our dentist says that dental cleaning should be done every six months. The gynaecologist says to get a the check up done once a year, so when should the ear checkup be done?

Dr. Amol JoshiOften, when people want to clean their ears, they clean them with whatever comes to hand. Understand one thing: have you ever had water in your ear? While swimming and bathing, do not scrub it too rough. People who use earphones a lot must get the audiometry test done once a year. That’s why there are only two things: one, don’t put anything external, and two, the use of the ear is very important. There is a lot of use of the telephone. They should do simple audiometry once a year to get an idea of your hearing.

GMoney Anchor - What is the correct way to clean the ear?

Dr. Amol JoshiCleaning is not necessary; God has made such a mechanism that the dirt in the ear comes out automatically; we feel it, and it comes out with the finger. There are only 5% or 10% of people who get too much wax. They only have to go to the doctor to get it cleaned in a year or two.

GMoney Anchor - Ok, that means the ears are also cleaned. Meaning, go to the doctor and get your ears cleaned as well.

Dr. Amol JoshiIf someone got too much wax. He cannot hear with that ear. We take out all the dirt. It is a short OPD procedure of 20–25 minutes.

GMoney Anchor - Ok, there is a segment of our show called Tip of the Day. So any one small, simple ear care tip that you would like to give to all the viewers.

Dr. Amol JoshiA simple tip is to not use a sensing mobile or Bluetooth.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you so much, Dr. Amol Joshi, You joined our show, you took out your valuable time and gave so many good tips to all of us. Thank you so much. So this was Dr. Amol Joshi with whom we talked about otitis today. But small things take the form of serious illness, and we don't even know, and if there are kids in the house, then definitely some extra care and caution are needed. I hope you liked this video today. If you have any feedback or questions, then you can definitely tell us by posting in the comment box. Meet us in a new episode of the GMoney Health show with a new superspecialist and medical expert. Till then take care of your health, stay healthy, stay cool, and keep watching the GMoney Health Show.

ear pain

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