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Rhinitis – Do not ignore cold and cough

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In this blog, we are discussing Rhinitis. Sneezing starts immediately after coming into contact with any allergen in rhinitis. If this problem is ignored, it can take the form of Asthma. Joining us today on the GMoney Health Show is Dr. Pushkar Lele, who is giving important information about Rhinitis.


Dr. Pushkar Lele

Hospital / Clinic

Lele Hospital and Research Care Pvt Ltd, Nasik, Maharashtra

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GMoney Anchor - I am Neha Bajaj. A very warm welcome to all of you, and in today's video we are joined by Dr. Pushkar Lele who is an ENT surgeon practicing for many years and is the director of Lele Hospital & Research Center Pvt Ltd, located in Nashik Maharashtra. You are very welcome, Dr. Pushkar.

Dr. Pushkar Lele Thank you, thank you.

GMoney Anchor - If there is any problem with the nose, then there is a lot of trouble. And one of those diseases is Rhinitis. Doctor, please tell us what is Allergic Rhinitis?

jukam kaise thik kare

Dr. Pushkar Lele – The most common of these is allergic rhinitis. In allergic rhinitis, it happens that if you have an allergy, then your body reacts to it, due to which the nose swells, the nose starts running, and you start sneezing. All these things happen. Apart from this, due to some infections, there can also be a problem in the nose, which is also called rhinitis.

GMoney Anchor - What are the causes of Rhinitis?

Dr. Pushkar Lele It is a type of allergy that occurs due to contact with an external substance.

GMoney Anchor - Well, sir, when patients come to you, how do you know that they have rhinitis?

Dr. Pushkar Lele Usually, based on the symptoms, it is known that they have allergic rhinitis. The medical history of the patient is noted. There is swelling in the eye, and sneezing, running nose, and nasal congestion are the symptoms.

GMoney Anchor - Sir, do children also get rhinitis?

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Dr. Pushkar Lele Yes, they also have allergies, due to which they get asthma. He also has allergic rhinitis.

GMoney Anchor - Sir, now tell us how to avoid rhinitis.

Dr. Pushkar Lele First of all, you should find out the allergy you need to avoid.

If someone in your house has a problem with smoking, then the problem may increase. Avoid coming into contact with chemicals. Pollution and dust particles also increase the problem. If there is more pollution, then you can wear a mask. If you have allergic rhinitis, get treatment early.

Nasal congestion or frequent sneezing can also occur with viral fever. There may be a fever, and the person who is allergic from the beginning, whose nose is sensitive in the same way, gets infected quickly.

GMoney Anchor - Ok, good sir, how is it treated?

Dr. Pushkar Lele Common cold pills are given, treatment is done with them, and those who have had problems for a long time are given sprays. Nasal sprays have to be used for a long time, and people can get a very good effect from it.

GMoney Anchor - Many people sleep with drops at night. They believe that without it, one cannot sleep. What is your opinion about this?

Dr. Pushkar Lele We tell patients to use these drops only when needed. Excessive use of drops damages the mucosa, the lining inside the nose.

GMoney Anchor - You took valuable time from your busy schedule and joined us. Thank you so much. So it was Dr. Pushkar, who today told us facts about rhinitis and broke many myths. We are sure that you must have liked today's video. Do share your feedback. Let us know if you want to see discussion on any other topic, I will take permission from Neha Bajaj, and meet you in a new video of the GMoney Health Show with the New Super Specialist. Good health is our promise.

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