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Why does dizziness occur in Vertigo? [What Is Vertigo]

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Dr. Yogesh Patil

Hospital / Clinic

Dr. Yogesh Patil ENT Clinic, Pune

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GMoney Anchor - Sir, first of all, I'd like to ask you, what is Vertigo?

Dr. Yogesh Patil – Vertigo, which we commonly refer to as dizziness or feeling like the world is spinning, is not a disease; it’s a symptom. It’s the sensation of spinning or swaying, often accompanied by nausea and sometimes with headaches. There are numerous causes for it.

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GMoney Anchor - The next question I was about to ask you is, what are the reasons behind Vertigo?

Dr. Yogesh Patil – The causes of Vertigo can be divided into central and peripheral categories. Central causes are related to issues in the brain, such as reduced blood supply, low glucose levels (hypoglycemia), or brain tumors. Peripheral causes are related to the inner ear, like benign paroxysmal positional Vertigo (BPPV), Meniere’s disease, or muscle spasms that affect balance.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor, when someone experiences Vertigo, what should they do? Should they lie down or practice deep breathing? What do you suggest?

Dr. Yogesh Patil – Well, it depends on the cause. There are different causes, and the symptoms vary. If it’s a central cause, the patient might feel like they are going to faint or could have associated symptoms like headaches or migraines. If it’s peripheral, the sensation is more of spinning or dizziness. So, the first step is to understand the underlying cause. If you feel that you’re going to pass out, you should sit down and try to grasp something. If you think it’s related to an external factor, like being dehydrated or stressed, you might want to sit down until it passes. However, if the cause is unclear or the symptoms persist, it’s crucial to consult a doctor to determine the cause and appropriate treatment.

GMoney Anchor - Many times, patients don't take Vertigo seriously. What, in your opinion, is the alarming point at which someone should immediately consult a doctor?

Dr. Yogesh Patil – Many times, patients don’t take Vertigo seriously. What, in your opinion, is the alarming point at which someone should immediately consult a doctor?

Vertigo can indeed be mistaken for common dizziness, but if someone experiences blurred vision, darkness or dimness, or recurrent Vertigo, it should not be ignored. While it may seem like common dizziness is manageable and goes away on its own, recurrent or severe Vertigo should prompt a doctor’s visit. It’s essential to understand the underlying cause because the treatment varies based on that.

Dr. Yogesh Patil – Symptoms can be very misleading, and sometimes, the cause is not apparent. For instance, you may watch videos on the internet and decide to start certain exercises or treatments, but without understanding the cause, it’s not advisable to immediately begin exercises you see online. Although it’s believed that the issue might be related to your balance or inner ear, it’s essential to rule out the specific cause. Before starting any treatment, it’s crucial to consult a doctor.

Dr. Yogesh Patil – Additionally, Vertigo can have central and peripheral causes, and the symptoms are different for each. Central causes might include feeling like you’re about to faint or experiencing a severe headache, whereas peripheral causes typically result in spinning sensations. So, it’s essential to identify the cause before seeking treatment.

Dr. Yogesh Patil – For those with central causes, like issues with the brain, immediate medical attention is necessary. Medications may be prescribed to normalize calcium crystals in the inner ear that can cause imbalance. Vestibular exercises, like eye stabilization exercises and head positioning, are often recommended. The key is to understand the cause and then follow the appropriate treatment.

Dr. Yogesh Patil – In summary, while Vertigo may seem like a common issue, it’s crucial to consult a doctor to determine the cause and receive the right treatment.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you so very much, doctor. Your insights are incredibly valuable, not just for me but for all our viewers.

Dr. Yogesh Patil – You’re most welcome. It’s my pleasure to be here and share this information.

GMoney Anchor - If you have any questions, please feel free to write them in the comments section. In our next show, we will have another super specialist with us. Until then, take care of your health because good health is our promise.

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