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What is cosmetic surgery, and why is it done?

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People’s interest in cosmetic surgery is increasing rapidly. The trend of facial cosmetic surgery has also started, and correct information is very important. Today in this blog, we will learn about cosmetic surgery. Dr. Vijay Kakkar from Delhi is answering all our questions.


Dr. Vijay Kakkar

Hospital / Clinic

Kakkar Healthcare and Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Clinic, New Delhi

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GMoney Anchor - I am Neha Bajaj. A very warm welcome to all of you, and in today's video, Dr. Vijay Kakkar, a well-known cosmetic surgeon, is joining us. Practising for the last 30 years and is the director of Kakkar Healthcare, Cosmetic Surgery, and Laser Clinic, New Delhi. You are very welcome, Dr. Vijay. Dr. Vijay, There was a time when we used to associate face surgery and cosmetic surgery only with celebrities because this procedure was not so common and not many people knew about it. I want to know from you what is involved in facial surgery and why it is done.

Dr. Vijay Kakkar – Yes, you have asked a very good question. This is our face, there are many things in it. Like we have our forehead, our nose, and our overall face. We can do cosmetic surgery on every part. For example, if you want to lift your face, fix your eyebrows, or if the skin under your eyes becomes a little loose, we can fix that too. You must have seen that sometimes a lot of fat starts appearing in the lower eyelids, and then cosmetic surgery is also done for that. Then after that, surgery is very common, which is why we do plastic surgery. Someone’s nose is thick, it can be made thinner, it can be very wide at the bottom, it can be corrected. That is, only the body of the whole face can be reversed.

GMoney Anchor- Well sir mostly what is that people don't have much information or we have also seen in some celebrities that some surgery results are not so good or face looks very fake then you tell us if someone got nose job done or what If plastic chin correction or any surgery is done, how successful will the surgery be?

cosmetic surgery for face

Dr. Vijay Kakkar – No, just look at the surgery we do nowadays; we try. There should be nothing artificial, plastic, or silicone in it. Because if it is done by a good surgeon, the results are generally good, due to which there can be some issues in every surgery. Now-a-days we do another procedure, fat grafting, in which we put our own fat through a syringe, so it can improve the chin. Sometimes patients come with very unrealistic expectations.

Ok, after all. The basic structure that we have will remain the same, will it not? We cannot change that.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you doctor, if you want to tell anything about pre and post surgery care. There is a question in everyone's mind that should I get the surgery done but no one should know. Is this a one time surgery or will we have to do some touch ups for life long?

Dr. Vijay Kakkar See we see the patient whether he is fit for operation or not. Whatever basic investigation is done in this, their basic blood profile, urine etc. tests are done. If he has any other medical issues, we rule them out. So when we do surgery then only after that we will do any surgery. Swelling remains for a few days, then that swelling lasts for two to three weeks. After that gradually it reduces completely in the next two to three months and we can expect that absolutely natural results will come in the next three months. Even if we do rhinoplasty, then there is a lot of swelling around the eyes. So you should assume that one week is a different risk.

GMoney Anchor - Achcha, sir, if I talk to someone who has undergone facial corrective surgery at the age of 28, is there any need for correction?

Dr. Vijay Kakkar Yes, yes, you said absolutely right, like if we do surgery in 28 years, first we have to analyze his face, because whatever facelift surgery is, it is a lifetime surgery, it will remain the same. But as the age increases, it will also have to be taken care of.

cosmetic surgery

GMoney Anchor - Now I'm going to talk about reconstructive surgery. In such an accident, the face of many people gets disfigured and they have to undergo surgery. What do you do? Does the entire face get reconstructed from the back?

Dr. Vijay Kakkar See, the normal cosmetic surgery we do is on a face that is already normal.

But if the skin is burnt then everything gets damaged. So we need to do the surgery in such a way that the fake is not visible. Different areas have different problems so they are treated from different angles. There is also skin grafting. Nowadays there are other procedures which we call tissue expansion, so what happens in tissue expansion. We put something like a balloon under the skin and then expand that skin. So when we get that one skin, then we transfer that skin, then it becomes almost like normal. Ultimately it is our aim that his face should look normal. Don’t be depressed about anything, don’t be sad about anything.

GMoney Anchor - Definitely cosmetic surgery is nothing less than a boon. Dr. Vijay Now if I talk about this that no one is happy with the result of surgery. After that, the second corrective surgery, how much time does it take?

Dr. Vijay Kakkar It has to be seen that there is no swelling. cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, It is a mathematical thing, everything is major. Everything has a ratio. All the beautiful people you will see in the world, everyone’s facial ratio is correct.

GMoney Anchor - ok so Dr. Vijay, thank you so much for taking out precious time from your busy schedule for us and joining us on GMoney Health Show, we are thankful to you. I am Neha Neha Bajaj, now I take permission from you. I will meet in a new video, with a new super specialist, till then keep watching GMoney Health Show, Achhi Sehat Hamara Vaada.

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