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What To Expect From Cataract Surgery ?

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Dr. Kaushik Shah

Hospital / Clinic

Ashwini Netralaya, Pune, Maharashtra

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GMoney Anchor - Neha Bajaj, welcomes you all. In today's video, we have with us Dr. Kaushik Shah, an eye surgeon practicing for many years and the director of Ashwini Netralaya in Pune. Dr. Kaushik, a very warm welcome to you.

 Dr. Kaushik Shah Namaste. Thank you.

cataract meaning in hindi

GMoney Anchor - Namaste, sir. On behalf of the entire Ghani Gulshan team, we welcome you. Today, we'll discuss cataract surgery, so first, could you tell our viewers when is the right time for a cataract surgery?

 Dr. Kaushik Shah When a patient develops cataracts, which we call “motiyon” in Hindi, their vision gradually decreases. Cataracts don’t happen suddenly; they develop over time. As the cataract progresses, the vision decreases. We recommend surgery only when it starts affecting the patient’s day-to-day activities significantly. In other words, when their daily life is hampered by vision problems, that’s the right time for cataract surgery. If done too early, it might not be necessary, but waiting too long after a certain stage can lead to harder cataracts and more complications.

GMoney Anchor - Alright. So, cataract surgery can be performed in just one go?

 Dr. Kaushik Shah Yes, absolutely. Cataract surgery has undergone significant technological advancements. Unlike other surgeries like bypass or heart surgery, cataracts develop due to aging. It’s a natural process that everyone undergoes at different ages some in their 60s, 70s, 65s, or even 80s. It’s an aging process, and when it happens, cataract surgery has seen the most evolution.

GMoney Anchor - Modern-day cataract surgeries can be completed within hours. There's no need for injections in the eyes, and patients don't need to be admitted. The patient comes in half an hour before the surgery, and within two hours, the entire process is completed.

Dr. Kaushik Shah – Great. How is cataract surgery performed? What is the procedure?

GMoney Anchor - In cataract surgery, we remove the cataract, or what we call "motia," and implant an artificial lens. The traditional technique involves manual methods, but the latest technique is phacoemulsification, a machine-assisted surgery. This machine-assisted surgery allows us to remove the cataract through a tiny incision of 2.8 or 2.2 millimeters, eliminating the need for injections or admission.

Dr. Kaushik Shah – Okay. Is cataract surgery painful?

GMoney Anchor - Cataract surgery is not painful. We use modern anesthesia techniques. We apply topical anesthesia using eye drops, eliminating the need for injections. It's a painless procedure, and patients can undergo the surgery without any discomfort.

Dr. Kaushik Shah – Is there any alternative for cataract surgery?

GMoney Anchor - Cataracts occur due to aging, and there's no alternative to surgery. Initial vision issues can be improved with glasses, but once the cataract progresses, surgery becomes the only effective solution. Patient cooperation becomes crucial at that stage.

Dr. Kaushik Shah – We’ve learned a lot about cataract surgery today. After the surgery, does 100% vision restoration guarantee?

GMoney Anchor - There is nothing 100% guaranteed in any surgery. I always tell my patients that 100% means if we operate on a million patients worldwide, none of them should have any problems. However, this is theoretically not possible. Despite advances, there is a list of complications associated with cataract surgery. Each patient carries a certain level of risk, and it's essential to focus on the benefits post-surgery rather than the remote probability of complications.

Dr. Kaushik Shah – Thank you, Dr. Kaushik, on behalf of Neha Bajaj and the entire team. We appreciate you taking the time from your busy schedule.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you so much.

cataract meaning in hindi

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