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“Recognizing the Mystery of Diabetes: Complete Information in Simple Language”

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In this blog, we are discussing about Diabetes. Diabetes has become a common disease in India. It is a disease that gives rise to many other diseases. Dr. Kiran Jadhav is answering all our questions.


Dr. Kiran Jadhav

Hospital / Clinic

Ayur Hospital, Kalyan, Mumbai

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GMoney Anchor - I am Neha Bajaj welcome all of you very much and in today's video Dr. Kiran Jadhav who is MBBS, DNB Medicine is joining us. Practicing since last six years and currently practicing in Ayurveda Hospital which is in Kalyan Mumbai. You are very welcome, Dr. Jadhav.

Dr. Seher Sheikh Gulati Ok sir, today we are going to talk about diabetes. You tell us the causes and types of diabetes. There are two types of diabetes, type-one diabetes, and type-two diabetes. Type-one diabetes is more common in youth, it is hereditary. Type 2 diabetes is seen in adults. In this case, the amount of insulin decreases, class three also means type three diabetes. This happens to a pregnant lady. It is also called gestational diabetes.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor Kiran, what are lancets, and what are they used for?

Dr. Seher Sheikh Gulati – Lancet is a device in which the glucometer is monitored, it shows the sugar level. So basically, lancet is a device that is a blood and sugar monitor.

GMoney Anchor - Is it necessary to carry a lancet to monitor sugar?

Dr. Seher Sheikh Gulati – Diabetes can have both hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia conditions, so this lancet is a device that can easily monitor your blood sugar level.

GMoney Anchor - Ok sir, what is insulin therapy, and when is it used?

Dr. Seher Sheikh Gulati – Insulin therapy is hormonal therapy. There is no medicine available to cure insulin deficiency. The treatment for that is insulin, so if you have type-one diabetes, then its treatment is insulin only.

GMoney Anchor - If someone has hypoglycemia, how is it treated?

Dr. Seher Sheikh Gulati – The condition of low levels of glucose in the body is called hypoglycemia. Normal blood glucose levels can be measured while fasting or even after eating. If your blood sugar level is higher than 125 mg, then it is called hyperglycemia. The blood level increases in hyperglycemia.

GMoney Anchor - Sir, what is this Flex Pan insulin?

Dr. Seher Sheikh Gulati – Earlier, insulin injections had to be taken, they used to be taken in the stomach or in the thigh. Flex pan is a new technology. It is similar in appearance to a ball pen, except that the ball pen has a refill that is filled with ink. Similarly, the flex pan is filled with insulin. With its help, you can fill insulin in the blood.

GMoney Anchor - What lifestyle changes are necessary for diabetes?

Dr. Seher Sheikh Gulati – Take calories according to your work. If you have to sit more during work and move less, then take fewer calories. Keep doing some activities in between. You have to work out steadily. Can go for a walk. If there are any bad habits like smoking, etc., then they have to be stopped immediately. Drinking alcohol has to be reduced. Stay away from hypertension and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

GMoney Anchor - On behalf of the entire team at GMoney, we would like to say thank you for taking valuable time from your busy schedule and joining our show.

Dr. Seher Sheikh Gulati – Thank you, thank you.

GMoney Anchor - If someone in your house has diabetes, then all these questions must have come to your mind, whose answers you must have gotten today. See you in a new video with the New Super Specialist and new Medical Expert. Keep watching the GMoney Health Show. Good health, we promise.

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