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Complete Information About Dental Braces: Risks, Treatment, Preparation

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Dr. Kamlesh Gurnaney

Hospital / Clinic

Kool Smiles & Orthodontic Clinic, Mulund, Mumbai

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GMoney Anchor - First of all, could you please explain what retainers are and when they are used?

Dr. Kamlesh Gurnaney – Retainers are appliances that are removable and provided to you after your orthodontic treatment. They come in the form of plates or plastic. Retainers are crucial post-braces treatment to maintain the corrected alignment. Your orthodontist may recommend wearing them for six months to a year to ensure that your teeth remain in their new position and prevent any potential relapse. They are an essential part of your treatment.

braces meaning in hindi

GMoney Anchor - Do patients experience any discomfort when wearing retainers?

Dr. Kamlesh Gurnaney – Retainers are essentially removable, so you can take them out for social occasions or meals. This means there are no restrictions, and your regular routine remains unchanged. However, there might be an initial adjustment period of a couple of days, affecting speech and increasing salivation. These issues are normal and temporary, and as you continuously wear them, these adjustments become habits.

GMoney Anchor - Are there any specific foods to avoid when wearing retainers?

Dr. Kamlesh Gurnaney – Unlike braces, retainers are removable. When you have fixed braces, you need to avoid hard and sticky foods. This includes items like corn on the cob or sticky candies. However, with retainers, you can enjoy a regular diet like roti, sabji, idli, dosa, etc. It’s essential to maintain good oral hygiene by regular brushing to prevent cavities or decay.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you for the information. Could you share a tip with our viewers?

Dr. Kamlesh Gurnaney – The tip is that orthodontic treatment can make a significant difference in your life. Although it takes time, the impact is substantial. The treatment options, whether braces or aligners, are available for everyone, and following the orthodontist’s instructions is crucial. The benefits of the treatment are worth the effort and time invested.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you, Doctor, for taking the time out of your busy schedule to join us. On behalf of the entire team, we appreciate your insights.

Dr. Kamlesh Gurnaney – Thank you for having me.

GMoney Anchor - If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section. In our next show, we'll be joined by another specialist. Until then, take care of your health because good health is our commitment to you.

braces meaning in hindi

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