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Everything you need to know about Arthroplasty

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Arthroplasty is a surgery by which knee pain is relieved. Surgery is used to correct pain caused by injury or arthritis.


Dr. Rajnish Kumar

Hospital / Clinic

Ranchi, Jharkhand

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GMoney Anchor - I am Neha Bajaj very much welcome all of you to the GMoney Health Show. Before watching today's video, you have to do one thing, don't forget to subscribe to the channel. In today's video, we have Dr. Rajneesh Kumar, who is an Orthopedic surgeon and director of Life Care Hospital. He has 17 years of experience, and his hospital is in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Dr. Rajneesh, you are very welcome.

Dr. Rajnish Kumar – Thank you so much.

GMoney Anchor - Today I want to discuss arthroplasty. You tell all our viewers what arthroplasty is.

Dr. Rajnish Kumar – This is a surgery by which bad joints in the shoulder, knee, and hip can be replaced.

GMoney Anchor - What is the difference between knee replacement and arthroplasty?

Dr. Rajnish Kumar – Many things are done in arthroplasty, there are also some other procedures that are done. But joint replacement is a hip implant.

GMoney Anchor - Ok, sir, are there different types of arthroplasty?

Dr. Rajnish Kumar – The most common of the three joints that we are replacing right now is the hip joint, the second one that we hear a lot about is knee replacement. We all listen. If I tell it in simple language, they are made up of two bones. There are many such diseases in the joint as well, especially arthritis and its associated diseases, which cause arthritis or defects in the hips, due to which a hip replacement has to be done.

GMoney Anchor - What happens in Arthroplasty?

Dr. Rajnish Kumar – As I told you, joints, whether they are in the hips or shoulders, are made up of two bones. The place where there is a problem is removed by cutting it with a little bone, and a metal, such as titanium, is fitted in its place, which takes the shape of the normal knee.

GMoney Anchor - Now tell me at what age people do maximum arthroplasty, and how much time does it take after getting it done?

Dr. Rajnish Kumar – Knee or hip replacement has become very common these days. Earlier it used to be more in old people, but nowadays cases of young age also come up. Sometimes there is only pain and after getting the test done, it is known that it is needed.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you so much doctor, you came to our show. So this was Dr. Rajneesh who told us about Arthroplasty and many other things. How does it happen, what is done? Hope you liked today's video. Do share your feedback. If you want to see a discussion on any other topic also, let us know. With this, I Neha Bajaj now take permission from you, see you in a new video, with a new super specialist, a new medical expert. Till then, keep watching GMoney Health Show. Good health is our promise.

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