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How to survive a heart attack

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In this blog, we will discuss heart attacks. What should be done in the case of a heart attack? How is the treatment, and what are the precautions to be taken? Dr. Divyanshu Gupta is answering all our questions.


Dr. Deebanshu Gupta

Hospital / Clinic

Sarvodaya Hospital, Jalandhar, Punjab

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GMoney Anchor - I am Neha Bajaj. A very warm welcome to all of you on the GMoney Health show, and in today's video we are joined by Dr. Divyanshu Gupta, who is an Interventional Cardiologist and Director of Sarvodaya Hospital, Jalandhar, Punjab. Dr. Gupta, you are very welcome on the GMoney Health Show. Dr. Gupta, what is cardiac arrest in medical terms?

Dr. Deebanshu Gupta – Cardiac arrest is when our heart suddenly stops working. The pump of the heart is not able to supply blood further to the body. And the man faints. We have to understand how our hearts work. Just like there is a wiring system for electricity in our house, similarly, there is an electrical system inside the heart, which we call the pacemaker. In case there is some problem with the blood supply to all this wiring, the electrical activity does not reach our heart, and the heart does not work properly, does not pump, and the patient becomes unconscious, which we call cardiac arrest.

GMoney Anchor - Are heart attacks and cardiac arrests different or the same thing?

heart attack symptoms

Dr. Deebanshu Gupta – There are many who consider these to be the same thing. But a heart attack occurs when the heart gets blocked, and a heart attack causes cardiac arrest. The two things are not the same.

GMoney Anchor - Ok sir, what is the first thing someone should do if he has a cardiac arrest?

Dr. Deebanshu Gupta If the doctor is not around, then first of all, one should go to a hospital. Inform emergency services. If those patients are unconscious, start CPR, i.e., cardiopulmonary resuscitation, immediately. In CPR, you have to press the chest with both hands. By chest compression, the function of the heart, i.e., pumping, is maintained, and the blood supply to the critical organs of the body, such as the brain and kidneys, does not stop. This is done so that the heart can be saved from permanent damage.

GMoney Anchor - How do you know if someone is having a cardiac arrest or heart attack?

Dr. Deebanshu Gupta 90% of our patients show some or all of these symptoms before the heart attack. There may be chest pain, nervousness, sweating, and shortness of breath. All this can happen before a heart attack, but no symptoms are seen before cardiac arrest. It can happen to anyone. Even a normal patient can have cardiac arrest. The patient does not faint during a heart attack. Not all heart attacks lead to cardiac arrest.

GMoney Anchor - Cardiac arrest or heart problems are more common in men. How much do you agree with this?

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Dr. Deebanshu Gupta There are many risk factors for heart attack in men, such as obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, alcohol, and cigarette smoking. All these things are more common in men.

GMoney Anchor - Sir, do heart attacks happen at a certain age?

Dr. Deebanshu Gupta No such age is certain, as we grow older, the risk increases. A heart attack was earlier considered a disease of the elderly. But now youths of 30 to 40 years of age are also coming into its grip. One out of every five patients, one is under 40 years of age. For people who have diabetes or respiratory disease, there are chances of cardiac arrest.

GMoney Anchor - Can a patient's life be saved after a heart attack? How dangerous is it?

Dr. Deebanshu Gupta If the patient is unconscious, permanent damage starts after 5 minutes. If we do not attend the patient for 5 minutes and do not start chest compression, then permanent brain damage can also happen. Then, once the organ gets damaged, it is difficult to recover.

GMoney Anchor - Ok sir, now tell us about the treatment. How is cardiac arrest treated?

Dr. Deebanshu Gupta What is the first thing you do when patients come to you? First of all, the hobby is given by applying two hobby paddles, and the ECG of the patient is done. If he is not recovering even after shock, then we give him a ventilator. A pacemaker may also be offered to regulate the electrical activity of the heart.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor, thank you so much for coming on our show. All the people who have seen this video today must have liked it. Many people must have gotten the information. Thank you so very much.

Dr. Deebanshu Gupta

Thank you so much. So this was Dr. Devanshu Gupta. Do share your feedback, if you want to see discussion on any other topic, then also tell us. With this, Neha Bajaj, with permission from you, we will meet in a new video. Keep watching the GMoney Health Show, good health is our promise.

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