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Breast cancer: Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

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Dr. Sameer Kokane

Hospital / Clinic

Mathura Hospital, Yerwada, Pune, Maharashtra

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GMoney Anchor - Neha Bajaj welcomes you all to the GMoney Health Show. Today, we have with us Dr. Sameer Kokane, a general surgeon with eight years of experience and the director of Mathura Hospital in Pune, Yerwada. Dr. Sameer, a warm welcome to you

Dr. Sameer Kokane Thank you.

breast cancer in hindi

GMoney Anchor - Sir, today we will talk about breast cancer, a cancer that is rapidly increasing and becoming a major problem for women. I've heard that in the past, these things weren't common, but nowadays, almost every woman is at risk. Firstly, please tell us what breast cancer is and how it occurs.

Dr. Sameer Kokane Breast cancer can affect all women. What is cancer, you ask? Cancer is when our cells, which are supposed to listen to our body, start growing uncontrollably. We call all these things cancer. When it happens in the breast, we call it breast cancer. As for how it occurs, there are no specific reasons for breast cancer, but there are certain risk factors. For example, many women who delay pregnancy may develop breast cancer. Also, women who marry late and consequently have late pregnancies are at risk. There are various risk factors like alcohol consumption that may lead to breast cancer.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor Sameer, tell us, what symptoms should a woman look out for, and what should she show the doctor? Most women usually visit a gynecologist. What are the initial symptoms of breast cancer?

Dr. Sameer Kokane Firstly, I want to tell all our viewers that every woman above the age of twenty should perform a self-breast examination. What is a self-breast examination? It’s when you stand in front of a mirror when you have your menstrual cycle and examine your breasts. Look for any changes or abnormalities. If you notice any changes, you should get them checked. Additionally, women above the age of thirty should visit their nearby gynecologist once a year and get a clinical breast examination done at a breast clinic. Women above the age of forty should undergo a mammography test once a year to detect cancer early.

GMoney Anchor - Alright, so, Doctor Sameer has told us that self-breast examination is very important so that any lump, discharge, or abnormality can be detected early. Also, Sir, is breast cancer hereditary? If a mother or grandmother has it on either side, does the possibility increase for the woman?

Dr. Sameer Kokane – Yes, definitely, breast cancer can be genetic. If there has been breast cancer in the mother or grandmother, the chances of it occurring in the daughter are very high.

GMoney Anchor - Okay, so don't panic, and don't misunderstand what's going to happen next. It's very important to consult a doctor at the right time. Sir, does the connection of breast cancer with any reproductive illness or menstrual history hold true?

Dr. Sameer Kokane – As I mentioned earlier, when women delay pregnancy, the chances of breast cancer increase. Also, we have seen that many Indian women take medicines during festivals to induce or prepone their periods, which can increase the risk of breast cancer.

GMoney Anchor - Okay, inducing medications. If you have a habit of taking them frequently, that could also be one of the factors. Nowadays, because everything has become somewhat cosmetic, cosmetic surgeries like for the face or body, breast implants have become very common. And somewhere or the other, an artificial substance is being inserted into you, and many actresses have also complained about removing them. So, breast implants can also increase the risk of breast cancer, right?

Dr. Sameer Kokane – So, I want to clarify to all our viewers that when we talk about implants, they are not inserted into the breast tissue but beneath the breast gland. This is the first thing. The second thing is that these are silicone implants, which the body reacts very little to, so because of this, I want to make it clear that yes, cancer can occur, but breast cancer cannot. There may be some soft tissue cancers, but breast cancer is unlikely.

GMoney Anchor - Alright. So, breast cancer treatment, what does it ultimately entail? Is removal of the breast necessary?

Dr. Sameer Kokane – No, definitely not. I want to tell all viewers that with the advancements in technology, we now only remove the breasts of 1% of women. We now do breast conservation surgery, where we remove only the cancerous part. We use ultrasonography to see how much of the cancerous part there is, and then we remove it with a one-centimeter margin. After removing it, we reconstruct the breast with plastic surgery, so breast conservation is what we do now.

GMoney Anchor - Sir, usually, what is the age bracket for breast cancer patients who come to you for treatment?

Dr. Sameer Kokane – Normally, breast cancer patients come to us at the age of forty or above, but breast cancer can also occur at the age of thirty.

GMoney Anchor - Alright. And if I talk about breast cancer surgery, after whatever you've told us, does a woman's normal life stay normal?

Dr. Sameer Kokane – Yes.

GMoney Anchor - Does the risk of cancer relapse remain?

Dr. Sameer Kokane – The risk of cancer relapse definitely remains because once cancer develops, but the sooner we diagnose cancer, the more curable it remains. After that, there are various medicines like chemotherapy and radiation. These are the three weapons we can use against breast cancer. So, if your doctor advises you to take these treatments, then you should follow their advice, and although the risk of breast cancer returning remains, it can be controlled. It may come back, but we will fight it.

GMoney Anchor - Alright, so in great detail, Doctor Sameer has told us about breast cancer and its treatment. I hope you liked it. Please share your feedback, and if you want to discuss any other topic, let us know in our comment box. With this, I, Neha Bajaj, along with Dr. Sameer, thank you so much for joining us on our Jio Money Health Show and sharing your expertise with us.

Dr. Sameer Kokane – Thank you.

breast cancer in hindi

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