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What is Root Canal Treatment and How is it done?

In this blog, we will learn about Root Canal Treatment. Dr. Manisha Patel, an experienced dentist, is answering our questions related to the Root Canal Treatment

DoctorDr. Manisha Patel, Dentist
Hospital / ClinicSmile Ahead Clinic, Mumbai
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GMoney Anchor – Welcome to the GMoney Health Show! My name is Neha Bajaj, and like always in every episode, I introduce you to a new super specialist, a new medical expert. Today in our episode, we are going to talk about root canal, which is an important process and also quite common. Today we have with us our super specialist, Dr. Manisha Patel, who is a dentist. Let’s discuss this topic with Dr. Patel who has 30 years of experience. Dr. Patel is the owner and founder of Smiles Ahead Dental Clinic.

GMoney Anchor - Ok, so, doctor, as I said in my interaction that today we are going to talk about root canal, can you tell our audience what a root canal procedure is and how it is performed?

Dr. Manisha Patel – Root canal is very common in normal people. People get scared even after hearing the name “root canal. People think it will be a very painful procedure, but it is basically a little extension or filling. For example, when there is a cavity or decay in the mouth, they clean it or fill it. Similarly, a root canal is a slightly deeper procedure in which a little more cleaning is done at the place of the root, and then filling is done, permanent filling is done.

root canal

GMoney Anchor- What are the effects after a root canal? After a root canal, we often see that patients have a lot of pain, so is it normal?

Dr. Manisha Patel – Actually, there is no pain after a root canal. A root canal is done so that the pain goes away.

GMoney Anchor- Ok, so there is no pain after a root canal. Rather, this treatment is done to relieve toothache.

Dr. Manisha Patel You go to the doctor with pain, and after treatment, your pain will go away.

GMoney Anchor- Well, one more thing I want to know from you: it is often said that after any procedure, the most important thing is the precautions, so what are the precautions that should be kept in mind and avoided after a root canal?

Dr. Manisha PatelActually, if you get a root canal, you will be able to use that tooth very well.

GMoney Anchor- I mean, when you have a root canal done immediately, is it necessary to do some diet, etc. for 2-3 days after that?

Dr. Manisha Patel – When the treatment is done, the whole process is done by moistening the teeth, and then you do not have to eat anything for half an hour. Because the effect of anaesthesia remains on the teeth, if you eat something during that time, you may accidentally chew your lip or cheek.

After that, you can eat whatever you want; no diet is necessary.

GMoney Anchor - So, all the people who had this question in their minds, if they have to abstain for a week, then there is nothing like that. In fact, today I have also come to know that you will be able to use that tooth of yours in a better way. Good Doctor How long does it take for a root canal to settle completely?

Dr. Manisha PatelYou have come for a root canal; I worked on your teeth for one hour, and after 24 hours, you will not feel at all that something new has happened with your teeth.

GMoney Anchor - Ok? So it means that the things written somewhere or another are not always true, and today Dr. Manisha, who is associated with us in our show, is clearing all our doubts. Good doctor, tell me one thing: if I do not have pain in my tooth, then is a root canal necessary? Do you get any such patients?

Dr. Manisha PatelIf there is no pain, then there is no need for a root canal in 99% of cases. But if there has been some problem for a long time—there has been pus in the tooth, something like pus is coming out of the gums—that you have ignored for a long time or you did not feel pain, or you did not go to the doctor. Then the trouble may increase further. But this is very rare; in most cases, there is a complaint of pain.

GMoney Anchor- Doctor! How important is it to put a cap on a root canal tooth?

Dr. Manisha Patel – A root canal is done because that tooth remains very rotten anyway. So you will do the treatment, the pain will go away, and if you have done the filling properly, you will forget that any treatment was done. Caps are put on so that the structure in the tooth can get support. If you put on a cap, then there is no chance of those teeth breaking.

That’s why a cap is inserted to protect the tooth. Cap is not a treatment. Your treatment has been done, due to which your toothache completely goes away and you will be able to eat well. But there are chances of the tooth breaking. Because of this, they put a cap on it.

GMoney Anchor- Ok, here I also came to know a new thing, so the cap, which is basically protection, supports the weak structure. If someone is having frequent toothaches and needs a root canal but is avoiding seeing the doctor, then according to you, if this treatment is delayed, can there be any harm? Could there be more problems later on?

Dr. Manisha PatelOf course, if you are not getting the root canal done, there is pain, there is pus in the tooth, and there is infection. If you do not get the treatment done, then the infection is bound to increase. That infection goes to the bone, from the bone to the gums, and then it becomes necessary to extract the tooth.

GMoney Anchor - So if you have a toothache, see a dentist as soon as possible, don't ignore this thing at all. Doctor, is it necessary to take medicine after a root canal?

Dr. Manisha Patel – After a root canal, medicines are required only for a day.

That too for pain; no antibiotics, no medicines, and no other medicines are required.

GMoney Anchor - Okay, so here we've got a lot of things about root canals. Well, I think the full dose of medicine works. Sometimes incomplete information can also be harmful, and that is why we try to dispel all the myths in our shows. Don't be intimidated by the name root canal. If there is pain, then definitely consult your dentist. Well, Doctor Manisha, while leaving, all the viewers are watching you and listening. Is there any one dental tip that you would like to give to everyone?

Dr. Manisha Patel – Everyone should go to the dentist for regular checkups. Because if you go to the dentist regularly, whatever the problem is, it will be known soon, and the cost of treatment will be reduced.

You don’t have to bear the pain. If you get the treatment done quickly, you will be more than happy. The more complex the procedure you have to do, the more the cost will increase.

So it is better that you do a quick checkup.

GMoney Anchor - Doctor Manisha says to visit your dentist regularly so that if there is any small problem, it will be caught immediately, and the benefit is yours. Thank you so much, Dr. Manisha. You joined us on our show and shared such good information with everyone.

Guys, I am sure you would have liked to hear the expert advice, so with this, goodbye to all of you but I will meet you in a new episode with a new super specialist and will talk a lot more. If you want to see more discussion on any disease, then do tell us by posting in our comment box, and also don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to GMoney’s page. Good health is our promise; keep watching the GMoney Health Show.

So these are some of the most important tips that will help you to know more about root canal and if you want to know more about other diseases then visit our blog page

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