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Get Instant Relief From Ear Pain [Causes, Treatment, Medicines, Remedies & Prevention]

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Often, children complain of ear pain, but parents do not have the right information about what precautions should be taken. In this blog, Dr. Venkat Mahadev is giving answers to all our questions.


Dr. Venkat Mahadeo Alat

Hospital / Clinic

VAMC Hospital, Pvt Ltd Kharghar, Navi Mumbai

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GMoney Anchor - I am Neha Bajaj, a very warm welcome to all of you on the GMoney Health show and in today's video we have Dr. Venkat Mahadev who is a Pediatrician, practising since last 23 years and Director of VAMC Healthcare, which is located in Navi Mumbai. You are most welcome Dr. Venkat.

Dr. Venkat Mahadeo Alat – Thank you.

GMoney Anchor - Today we will discuss ear pain in kids.. So first of all you tell us why do kids have ear pain?

ear pain

Dr. Venkat Mahadeo Alat – Ear pain in kids is caused by infection. Earache is also caused by the narrowing of the tube that connects the ear to the throat. There is also a problem with allergies in children. Apart from this, it is also very important to clean the ear properly.

GMoney Anchor - You have explained very well. Why does it hurt more at night?

Dr. Venkat Mahadeo Alat Sometimes the ear pain can be severe. There is no specific reason for more pain at night. But pain can be felt more at night, but there is no reason for it in medical science.

GMoney Anchor - Ok sir, can it take any serious form in the future? Are there any risk factors associated?

Dr. Venkat Mahadeo Alat There are risk factors. Children also have frequent ear infections. Secondly, the problem increases due to putting oil in the ear. Allergies are also very common in children. There is phlegm, a cold fever, and allergic rhinitis. Due to these reasons, children also face problems. There is also a possibility of pain in the ear due to a throat infection.

GMoney Anchor - Ok, and how is a headache or ear pain diagnosed?

Dr. Venkat Mahadeo Alat Often, the parents who come to us have only one complaint: that their child is crying a lot due to ear pain. If the child is a little older, then he will notice that he is having pain in the ear. The child also has the problem of a running nose.

ear pain in kids

GMoney Anchor - Ok sir, how is earache treated?

Dr. Venkat Mahadeo Alat The first part is immediate treatment of the pain. There are two ways to treat pain, one is with painkillers. Painkillers should also be given to reduce the pain.

If there is an allergic problem, allergy medicine and antibiotics should be given, sometimes ear infection also occurs.

GMoney Anchor - Ok sir, how can ear pain be avoided?

Dr. Venkat Mahadeo Alat The practice of putting oil in the ear is very common, but it is wrong to do so. Earbuds should also not be used every day because they can cause trauma, and if children develop the habit of putting something or other in their ears, that too should not happen. Whatever the problem, it should be treated immediately.

GMoney Anchor - Ok so Dr. Venkat told us many things today that usually bother kids and their parents too. So Dr. Venkat, we are thankful to you for taking out precious time from your busy schedule for GMoney Health Show, thank you so very much. So it was Dr. Venkat who told us about the ear pen. We will meet in our next video with a new topic and super specialist because Good health is our promise.

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