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Kidney Stones – Symptoms, Treatment and Precautions [Reason of Kidney stone]

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The pain of stone is very unbearable. Do not ignore abdominal pain, know important information related to stones in this blog. Dr. Navnath is giving answers to all our questions.


Dr. Navnath Shivaji Londhe

Hospital / ClinicDev Ganga Hospital, Pune
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Duration : Approx 11 minutes
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GMoney Anchor - There can be many reasons for abdominal pain and that is why it is very important to check with a doctor. Kidney stones cause a lot of pain in the stomach. Welcome to GMoney Health Show, I am Neha Bajaj, today our expert joining us on GMoney Health Show is Dr. Navnath Shivaji Londhe, who is a Laparoscopic and Uro surgeon. He is Director at Dev Ganga Hospital, Pune and has been practising since 13 years. He has cured many patients. Doctor Navnath ji, you are very welcome. Sir tell us what kidney stone is, and why it happens?

Dr. Navnath Shivaji Londhe – Pathri is another name of Kidney Stones. When the concentration of certain substances like calcium, oxalate, uric acid and cystine increases in the urine, they start forming crystals that attach to the kidney and gradually increase in size to form stones.

gallbladder stone

GMoney Anchor- How are kidney stones formed, how do they start and are they painful?

Dr. Navnath Shivaji Londhe – Those who consume more calcium. People who consume more animal protein, eat more non-veg, are more likely to get kidney stones.

If the pH value of urine has changed, there is some infection in the urine. Prostate is enlarged in the stool.

GMoney Anchor - Yes sir, is there any role of heredity in this, if someone's parents have it, then the possibility of kidney stones will be seen in the children?

Dr. Navnath Shivaji Londhe No no it doesn’t happen. A kidney stone is a solid deposit made of minerals and salts that can range in size from as small as a grain of sand to as large as a golf ball.

what is gallbladder stone

GMoney Anchor - Well, here the doctor gave us several reasons. Be careful if you also take too much animal protein. Because it can become a major reason for kidney stones. Sir, are there any types of kidney stones also?

Dr. Navnath Shivaji LondheThere are four types of kidney stones, about which very few people know Calcium Stone, Uric Acid Stone, Struvite Stone, Cystine Stone. Sometimes the pain in kidney stones is very unbearable.

GMoney Anchor - Ok. And sir, if we talk about danger, can it harm our whole kidney? We all know that if there is a stone then there will be severe pain, if the stone moves then there is unbearable pain and you tell us what other symptoms can be there and in which age group it is found more?

Dr. Navnath Shivaji LondheThe patient who is overweight. Then there is unbearable pain, vomiting occurs.

GMoney Anchor - Ok, you mentioned kidney stones. What type of diet should be followed? What is it? How to avoid this?

Dr. Navnath Shivaji LondheDo not take dairy products in excess. Cut down on meat and salt intake. Consume less animal protein. Weight should be less. We can eat all the vegetables. Have to exercise.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you so much doctor, please share some tips with our viewers. Any one tip.

Dr. Navnath Shivaji LondheThere should be an exercise routine. Eat healthy food. Take care of your health.

GMoney Anchor - Ok, so here we will surely follow the doctor's tip.

Dr. Navnath Shivaji LondheThank you.

GMoney Anchor - So it was Dr. Navnath, who told us that after a heart attack, if there is any disease that can make you suffer the most, then it is kidney stones. Medical examination at the right time is very important. Hope you have liked today's video and with this I will meet you in the next video with a new super specialist medical expert. Till then take care of yourself. good health is our promise

symptoms of gallbladder stone

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