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Normal or C Section Delivery – Which Is Better? [Normal Delivery VS Cesarean Delivery]

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Today in this blog, we will know which is better between normal and C section delivery. Dr. Bhumika Chauhan from Ahmedabad answers all our questions. Dr. Bhumika is a Gynecologist, Obstetrician, and Consultant at Archie Orthopedic and Women’s Care Hospital, Ahmedabad.


Dr. Bhoomika Chauhan

Hospital / ClinicAarchi Orthopedic And Women’s Care Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
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GMoney Anchor - I am Neha Bajaj and I welcome all of you to the GMoney Health show and in today's video, we are joined by Dr. Bhumika Chauhan, who is a Gynecologist practising for the last 6 years at Archie Orthopedic & Women's Hospital, Ahmedabad Gujarat.

Dr. Bhoomika Chauhan – Thank you very much.

normal delivery vs cesarean delivery

GMoney Anchor- Today we are going to talk to you about a phase that every woman goes through. I am talking about pregnancy. There are many things and many stages in pregnancy. First of all, tell us what is the difference between normal delivery and a C section or Caesarean delivery.

Dr. Bhoomika Chauhan In normal delivery, the child is born from the natural place, i.e the vagina, and in the Caesarean and C section, an incision is made on the top of the abdomen, which is the lower part, and then the baby is delivered.

GMoney Anchor - Ma'am, in which cases is a Caesarean required instead of a normal one? Does the patient decide this or the doctors?

Dr. Bhoomika Chauhan This doctor decides, but nowadays people prefer C-sections, that is, they feel that normal is a difficult process. In some special cases, where the baby is upside down, there is a problem with normal delivery, and if the baby is too big, then surgery may be required. There is diabetes during pregnancy, in that the child’s weight is sometimes 4 kg, 4.5 kg, then C section is done.

normal delivery vs cesarean delivery india

GMoney Anchor - Are there other types of delivery?

Dr. Bhoomika ChauhanOne is natural, which is normal delivery; second, you have heard about C Section and third, assisted vaginal delivery. We are not natural at this stage, that is, when the baby is delivered. That is, there is a pump, and it is drawn from it, that’s vacuum delivery

GMoney Anchor - What are the complications, does it take time to recover after C section delivery, and what are the things that you want to tell today's young generation who are getting out of fashion C section done?

Dr. Bhoomika ChauhanThe first thing I would like to tell those who prefer the C section is that the normal one is the best because the first thing about it is that we can stand up quickly. Ten years ago, there was no such complication, and then everyone used to come. Used to feed the baby immediately, normally or CS. No one had any problems. What happens in normal situations is that you stand up in 24 hours, there is no problem. But you have to stay in the hospital for a minimum 2-3 days and the C section also hurts a lot. Everyone thinks that there is a lot of pain in normal delivery. We have to give painkillers for a minimum of 2 to 3 days.

The second complication, which I want to tell today’s generation, is that after the C- Section delivery, the chances of infection are there. 

Nowadays, the surgeries are more advanced, and the risks are lower as compared to before. Hemorrhage is also less common. I would say that it is better to go for normal delivery if possible. The common complications are infection and blood loss. Then, during the operation, there are many chances of it affecting other organs as well.

GMoney Anchor - Ok so somewhere, don't consider them your choice, if there is any situation, then the doctor should decide what is better for you. Can a pregnant woman eat and drink during labour?

Dr. Bhoomika ChauhanYes yes, 100% because there is none. Labor is normally fine.

When you have to push, that is half an hour’s time, then if possible, don’t eat. As for the rest, you can take plain voters, you can also take diets. You can take juice etc. For example, whatever work you do well during the whole nine months, as much as possible, everything remains good and if possible, it is preferred that it should be normal. No doubt the complication rate has come down a lot. All the techniques have also become good.

pregnancy delivery

GMoney Anchor - Doctor Bhumika has told us many things today. In today's video, you would have understood many things related to pregnancy, so with this, I would like to say thank you on behalf of the entire team of GMoney. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule for our show. So this was Dr. Bhumika Chauhan who told us some important things about C section delivery, I hope you have liked our video. Do share your feedback and don't forget to subscribe to our channel. We will be back with new super specialist, till then take care because good health is our promise.

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