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Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of Mouth Cancer

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Dr. Shweta Kolhatkar

Hospital / Clinic

Dental Matra Dental Clinic, Pune, Maharashtra

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GMoney Anchor - Hello! Maam, my first question to you is what exactly is oral cancer, and what causes it?

Dr. Shweta Kolhatkar – Sure! Oral cancer is a disease where abnormal cells grow in the lining of the mouth. These cells can turn into tumors, affecting the normal function of the mouth. The symptoms are not very clear initially, but it might start as a painless white patch, later turning into a red patch with ulcers. Since it’s painless in the beginning, people often don’t notice it. Regular check-ups with a dentist are crucial. I recommend going every 6 months or at least once a year.

Dr. Shweta KolhatkarIt’s essential to watch out for unusual white patches during these check-ups. Symptoms may include occasional burning sensations, especially after eating certain foods. The causes can be tobacco use, nicotine, beetle nut, alcohol consumption, and genetics, making oral cancer quite common in India.

mouth cancer symptoms in hindi

GMoney Anchor - Okay, and how is it diagnosed? Is it treatable?

Dr. Shweta Kolhatkar – Well, it’s often not detected early. Symptoms might include pain or noticeable swelling in the later stages when it spreads to other parts like the lungs. Diagnosis can be tricky in the early stages. General physicians might miss a patch in the mouth, but dentists can spot a hard, non-skippable white patch that involves the underlying skin. This is a sign of oral cancer.

GMoney Anchor - Is there a cure for it?

Dr. Shweta Kolhatkar – Yes, if it’s diagnosed early, usually in the first or second stage and hasn’t spread, it’s curable. Surgeries involve removing the affected part, like a hemi-mandibulectomy, where part or the entire jawbone is removed. If it hasn’t spread, it’s 100% curable. But if it has spread to other organs and can’t be detected through tests, it becomes incurable.

GMoney Anchor - Any tips for our viewers?

Dr. Shweta Kolhatkar – Definitely. First, address the cause. Remove tobacco, cut down on alcohol, and if there’s anything causing physical irritation, like a root piece or denture part, get it removed. Continuous irritation can lead to cancer in the long term. Regular oral check-ups every six months are crucial to detect any issues early. If it’s diagnosed early, oral cancer is treatable.

GMoney Anchor - Thank you so much, ma'am, for joining our health show. We really appreciate your time.

Dr. Shweta Kolhatkar – You’re welcome.

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mouth cancer symptoms in hindi

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